About Perfocal

Who are we, why do we exist and where are we going

Our Mission

Enabling great photography for everyone's story

Here at Perfocal, we love photography. We believe photos are the purest form of storytelling. We want to help you tell your stories. Our mission is simple: enabling everyone to book a great photographer affordably, in the easiest way possible.

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How we are different

Have you ever tried to book a photographer before? If you have, you might remember the marketplace being inconsistent, crowded and confusing. If you don’t, that may be because you’ve never booked a photographer. And like many of us, thinking that professional photography was reserved for the pages of Vogue magazine.

At Perfocal, we believe real people deserve great photography. We find you professional photographers between their big shoots so that you can have unforgettable parties, impressive headshots and spectacular weddings.

How we started

Perfocal came into existence in 2015, when founder and keen photographer, Tony Xu, recognised the difficulty in hiring great photographers from such a fragmented market. He realised photographers are spending more time self-marketing than actually shooting!

The company immediately gained attention by winning the Venture Further competition, sponsored by the University of Manchester. Later, the team joined Mass Challenge, one of the world’s largest start-up accelerators that has seen several high-profile successes like Handy.com and Turo.com. Following the programme, Perfocal secured a round of angel investment to develop the platform which was then backed by London VC Fuel Ventures, founded by award-winning entrepreneur Mark Pearson.

Four years on, and we have over a thousand vetted and professional photographers working with us across the country, providing great photography to people in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Belfast, and many more towns and cities across the UK.

The office team is ever-growing, with an excited team of passionate photographers paving the way for a photography industry that caters to everyone.

We've helped thousands of people from all corners of the country to capture their important moments beautifully. We're forever proud of those moments.

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