5 Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot

5 Tips for Your Next Photo Shoot


Photo shoots can be beautiful experiences with loads of fun and memories to look back on. And to ensure that you make the most of that experience, we've put together a few pointers to help you prepare:

1. Prepare for the Weather

We all yearn for warm sunny days. However, did you know that direct sun is not the best for shooting portraits of people outdoors, especially around noon?

Sunny days = Colourful warm sunsets and stunning skies; good for beaches
Cloudy days = Best soft light for portraits; good for parks and general outdoors
Slight drizzle + Cloudy = Similar to cloudy days but parks may get damp
Some Rain + Dark Clouds = Great for dramatic cinematic shots

So, as you can see, there is no one weather condition that is "best" - they are all simply different. In conclusion, don't let the weather ruin your mood. You can get amazing photos no matter what. So cheer up and put your best smile on :)



2. Build in Time Buffers

A tight schedule is possibly the single biggest contributor of stress during photo shoots, especially when you add professional make-up and hair before the shoot and then sprinkle some traffic delays on top. An easy way to solve this and feel more relaxed during shoots is to build in some time buffers through your day. Add 20 minutes to every hour. Consider the following example,

Cosy Plan

  • 1 hour for hair and makeup
  • 1 hour for dressing and travelling to shoot location
  • 1 hour for the shoot
  • Total: 3 hours

Comfortable Plan

  • 1 hour for hair and makeup
  • 15 minutes buffer
  • 1 hour for dressing and traveling to shoot location
  • 15 minutes buffer
  • 1 hour for the shoot
  • 30 minutes buffer
  • Total: 4 hours



3. Plan Your Location

Consider locations that are closest to your heart or hold some sentimental value to you or your family: It might be where you and your partner first met or it might be your children's favourite picnic location. You get the idea. Having a location such as this can add a whole different meaning to your photos. Moreover, you will be more relaxed at such a location. Once you have a few ideas, don't forget to discuss these with your photographer before the shoot.



4. Wear Something Comfy


When choosing what to wear for your shoot, think about what attire you feel looks best on you. Because if you feel confident and good in your attire, the camera will feel the same :)


When shooting outdoors, everyone in neutral colours is a classic and rarely goes wrong. Alternatively, you could go for complete contrast as well. In short, consider a theme that you like and go with it. Usually, having a theme is more likely to succeed than having no plan at all.

Dressing for the Terrain

For example, if you are shooting in a park, dress casually rather than going for a black-tie attire. This will allow you to feel part of the environment you are in and consequently more comfortable and agile.



5. Share your Inspiration

You might have gotten inspired by some photos you saw on Instagram or Pinterest. Save these on your phone or a Pinterest board and share them with your photographer with as specific comments as possible, e.g. I like the pose in Photo 01, could we please try to get something like this / I like the location in Photos 01, 03, 04, 05, do you know of a location like this?

However, be careful to not hinge your expecations from the shoot on uncontrollable elements like sunsets or exotic locations with palm trees or beaches. Also, try and be open to what your photographer might suggest, they are very experienced and have your best interests in mind.



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