Want to Be an Instagram Star? Make Sure Your Photos Are up to Scratch, With Our Instabuddies

Want to Be an Instagram Star? Make Sure Your Photos Are up to Scratch, With Our Instabuddies

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around, and in recent year there’s been a huge increase not just in everyday users, but also ‘influencers’, who have been earning £££ by keeping their feeds relevant and interesting. That’s why we had the idea to try out our new (and experimental) service – Perfocal ‘Instabuddies’. ?

What's included? This service effectively allows people to hire a fast-track ‘Instabuddy’ to take beautiful, professional yet candid photos for their social accounts - at any time of the day. The service is aimed at Instagram users, brands and wannabe influencers who want professional images taken for their feed, with photographers aiming to be on site ready to capture special in as little as 30 minutes from the time of booking.

The concept comes after we noticed a spike in bookings for 30 minute ‘flash’ shoot throughout December and January. After talking to a few photographers booked for the shoots, we learned that many of them were looking for professional shots for their social media feeds! ?

A Perfocal ‘Instabuddy’ will aim to be on site with you in 30 minutes, to make sure there’s always someone on hand to capture your Instagrammable moments. Whether you're eating out?, exploring the local park ?, at a theme park ?, or visiting the beach ?, Instabuddies will with you as soon as possible to take pro shots for your Instagram feed.

The service is initially launching in central London, however Perfocal is anticipating a national roll out of the service very soon, and is asking photographers from across the UK to sign up to offer it. Sound like one for you? Find sign up links below.

As usual, to be eligible you must be a great photographer and will be subject to a full vetting process. Customers looking to book an Instabuddy can do so by booking a photoshoot in the normal way. When it comes to shoot type, just select Personal > Personal Portraits for now.

Customers looking to book the service can do so in the normal way, just select Personal > Personal Portraits in shoot type. 

We want to give every member of the public the best and most useful service to help them, whether it’s professional wedding photography for your big day, or a 30-minute shoot to add some colour to your Instagram feed. The rise in Instagram’s popularity shows how many people are trying to make a name for themselves on the platform, and with our new service, hopefully the only thing they’ll have to worry about is adding the hashtags!

Photographers will get real-time job info nearby from Perfocal's portal.

Photographers interested in becoming a Perfocal pro / Instabuddy can apply here to get real-time photography jobs.  

Note: New to Perfocal? Read our application process in our Help Centre here.