Behind the scenes: How booking a photographer with Perfocal works

Behind the scenes: How booking a photographer with Perfocal works

Perfocal has changed the game when it comes to booking a photographer. Our booking platform simplifies a long process that has been around for decades: finding a freelance photographer manually.

You may have read about us or been through our website, but not quite get how it all works. Or perhaps you want to see what a shoot with Perfocal really looks like.

Well you've come to the right place. We've complied a little case study to show you exactly that.

In October of 2019, two recent parents, Joanna and Felipe, felt their budding young family deserved some proper photos of them all together. The kids were only going to be this young and cute for a while, and this special time warranted some family portraits.

They didn't want white studio screens, or turtle-neck sweaters and awkward poses. This occasion called for something relaxed, personal and fun.

If you decide you need a photographer, where do you start trying to find one? Further than that, how are you supposed to determine which photographer is right for you?

Instead of going the usual route of Google searching 'photographer near me', Joanna came straight to, after hearing about us from a family friend. When she came to our site, Joanna simply used the booking form to tell us what kind of photos she needed, and where and when she wanted her shoot to take place. She filled out extra details about the shoot (i.e. a list of required shots, the kind of style and vibe for the photos), meaning the photographer could read her brief before the shoot.

She chose a 3 hour package for her family photos, so that the photographer had ample time to catch the best moments of her family. She and Filipe decided the family home was the best place to have the shoot, so that everyone was at-ease and the photos were as personal as possible. She picked a day on the weekend for the right photographer to come to her home to take some amazing family photos.

After completing the form, Joanna made her payment (just £279) in order to reserve her photographer.

On the day of her shoot, Ligia, her fantastic kids photographer arrived at her flat 10 minutes before the arranged time. She used her extra minutes to introduce herself to the mini stars of the shoot, and have a little look at great areas to take photos around the garden.

The family and their cute little terrors used their 3 hour slot with Ligia to have some fun in the communal garden, using Halloween props and the orange Autumn leaves to create a natural and fun photoshoot, capturing the kids at a time of year that they love.

Ligia was equipped with two cameras, each with a different lens set-up, so that she could quickly switch to capture the perfect moments with the perfect equipment.

At the end of the shoot, Ligia went on her way and promptly sent Perfocal her photos from the day's shoot.

Instead of Ligia having to cull and edit the photos from her shoot herself, Perfocal's editing team handled the job. We removed the worst photos from the shoot (including duplicates, with closed eyes or blurs), and professionally fine-tuned the photos to make the lighting perfect, colours pop, and smiles shine.

Within 72 hours of her shoot, Joanna's photos were ready. Perfocal delivered them to her online gallery, which she could share with family and friends and download the high-res images to keep forever.

The finished product looked a little something like this:

These fantastically vibrant photos capture smiles and fun from the day. The morning sunlight makes these pictures beautifully atmospheric and something for the family to treasure for a lifetime.

The family were certainly happy with their photos, and the Perfocal team was proud to have helped the magic happen.

Are you thinking about booking a family photo shoot with Perfocal? Great idea!

In the lifetime of a family there are scores of precious moments that you would never want to forget: births, birthdays, childhoods, anniversaries, teenage years, weddings, the list goes on. All of these moments deserve great photos to honour the memories. You can hire a professional family photographer simply and affordably.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have everlasting memories for the family moments that matter.

Matilda Donnachie

Matilda Donnachie

Passionate photographer from London, but my heart is in Manchester!