Campervan and motorhome holidays in the UK

Campervan and motorhome holidays in the UK

We've been in the COVID-19 pandemic for over a year and a half now. It's a tired story, it's been the subject of everyone's small talk, and it's affected practically everyone. That's likely all true for you too, unless you've been stuck under a rock...or perhaps in a campervan, far away from the cities and the media.

Which is exactly why campervan sales and campervan holidays have been booming recently. They're on track for a record year. The popularity is not only because caravanning and camping is optimal for social distancing, nor is it just because we've been confined to the UK for the summer – it's because campervanning so effectively takes you out of the picture for a while. If you were in the Algarve this summer, your small talk would still be about COVID and the green list. With a campervan holiday, totally different. You get to finally unwind.

And it's worth saying again – people have been lapping them up. The campervan industry has literally had so much demand that they haven't been able to build and supply campervans fast enough. Whether you're a local business owner, an Amazon book seller, or the owner of a huge enterprise, campervans are the perfect option for interesting and memorable holidays. So if you're looking to invest in one for future holidays, you may be in for quite the wait.

Campervans are far from basic...

The holiday you finally deserve

You don't need to go the whole hog and invest in a full motorhome. There are other more viable options, particularly for those of you who just want a quick getaway with your family, friends, or even your teammates.

Enter campervan rental companies like Camptoo – the Airbnb of the caravan & camper world with the largest supply in the UK. Camptoo has campervans for the range of holiday styles; pick up a luxury motorhome, a family van, a basic campervan, or even dog-friendly motorhomes. Take off to the coast for your surfing trip or use it as your accommodation on your road trip or weekend music festival.

We liked Camptoo so much that this happened...

We're proud and excited to announce that Perfocal is officially Camptoo's preferred supplier of photography for their campervan and motorhome owners. When you decide to book your holiday, you'll have high-quality and authentic shots to help you pick the perfect vehicle for your trip. Amazing campervans and motorhomes brought to life through Perfocal lenses.

Interested in getting a travel photoshoot of your trip away with Camptoo, or getting similar kind of shots done for your business? Head on over to Perfocal (or Camptoo) and start exploring.

Brandon Josi

Brandon Josi

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