Chane’s Whimsical Wedding

Chane’s Whimsical Wedding

On a bright, sunny Spring day this happy couple gathered with a small group of close friends and family to have the intimate wedding of their dreams. Amidst the uncertainty and worry of the last year, this event defied all odds to stand out like a beacon, making this beautiful vintage wedding something to remember for years to come.

This photo for a wedding by a Perfocal photographer

Nestled in the gorgeous English countryside, this quaint little wedding was captured with professional ease by our Perfocal photographer Elie.

The bride’s message to the photographer:

“I would like a more whimsical, vintage shoot, please. We will be in the park and plan to run down some hills and just want my dress to look flowy in the photos. I'd like the forest colours to be contrasting from my white dress”

And our photographer, Elie, gave them exactly that. It's going to be hard to pick which images to frame and hang on the wall of their marital home.

The wedding took place at the Royal Leamington Spa in Newbold Comyn in April to take full advantage of the stunning grounds that spilled over with natural beauty at the height of Spring. The theme was rendered in classic vintage style with the bride’s gown accessorised with a net veil and retro red lipstick. The groom’s suit was adorned with a cheerful bow tie that fitted the mood of this small but joyful special celebration.

After the ceremony the bride and groom took a stroll into the gardens to pose for their wedding photographs. The location was spilling over with gorgeous backdrops and was taken full advantage of. The romantic combination of nature and the dappled sunlight bathing the couple made the scene look like something out of a fairy tale. The bright white of the wedding dress stood out starkly against the luscious green of the woodland, the red flowers of a romantic bower, as well as the picturesque river flowing by as they stood on the bridge or on its grassy green banks. The slopes and varying terrains of the surroundings allowed the couple to let go and play in the sunshine in a way that showed off the dress in a magical way while showcasing the obvious loving bond between these two.

Although these photos did exactly what the bride had requested, making her dress a key focal point, what really took centre stage was the deep love between the couple. It was palpable in every shot. The moments of closeness and love were delicately captured, as if they were not being observed at all.

Back with the wedding party the guests gathered in colourful garb to pose for some photos with the ecstatic couple. Even the family dog had his moment in the spotlight posing for some fun portrait with the bride, dress and all! The expressions of joy on every member of the wedding party reflects how wonderful this day was, especially after a year that was hard on everyone.

The celebrations were signed off with the cutting of the ivory, three-tiered cake decorated with macaroons and some miniature bunting.

From jovial group shots to tender close ups; this wedding shoot produced timeless shots of an event that the couple will remember for the rest of their lives.

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