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Yes, we know, today is Valentine’s Day, but not everyone is happy and ‘loved up’. 🤨

Tomorrow is officially ‘Single’s Day’ and for those who are still upset from a breakup, or hate seeing those painful reminder photos that have their ex in, we’re offering you the chance to fix this.

Using the team’s photoshop wizardry, we’ll remove your ex from your photos, leaving only the positive memories, without the painful reminders, for only £6.99 per photo!

We aim to have photos back to the customer within 48 hours. Here’s a few examples of what can be done…

We love the idea of photoshopping your ex out of your pics. They aren’t in your life, why should they be in your photos?

To remove your ex from your favourite photos, just fill in the form below, upload your pics and let the lovely people at Edit My Ex we’ve partnered with to supercharge this offer do the rest!