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It was a story not entirely unlike many others in this world. Two people met in Manchester, fell in love, and decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Where this story takes on a life of its own is that the bride and groom didn’t want a traditional wedding day with hundreds of guests or a beach wedding in southern Europe, not at all. Their love was more than enough for them, and their special day was to be shared between them and them alone, plus a close friend or two.

So, they decided to elope together.

Photoshoot details:

Customer: Mr. & Mrs. A

Type of shoot: Wedding Location: Central Manchester

Package: 2 hours (£169) Add-on: 24 Hours Delivery (£19)

How they decided to go about their perfect day might have been unconventional, but their desire to have their nuptials captured in the form of some beautiful photos to remember forever was as conventional as ever. Naturally, this would be best accomplished by booking a wedding photographer whose style of photography would match their quirky choices. But they also didn’t want to spend hours sifting through traditional wedding photography sites with thousands of wedding vendors or spend thousands of pounds for some simple yet, beautiful images.

Kris then contacted us at Perfocal to get exactly what she needed without any extra bells and whistles: unobtrusive photography capturing real moments at the registry office followed by a creative natural light photo shoot around Greater Manchester & finally ending with them eloping off to a secret international destination to spend their first moments together as husband and wife. No group photos, no first dance and no bridesmaids or groomsmen either. Just some treasured photographic memories.

"Hi, we are are getting married (eloping) in Manchester... We would like some photos of us during the ceremony in the registry office followed by some fun and quirky shots around the streets of Manchester and ending with us getting the train (to the airport) at Manchester Piccadilly."
Shoot details provided by Mr. A

This would only require two hours from a professional wedding photographer but Kris also wanted the colourful photos to be delivered within 24-hours. Every moment of their big day was to be quick and easy and, waiting weeks to get your pictures like the old days wasn’t part of the plan. After everything was said and done, the entire photography package would cost them £188.

Getting Ready

In less than 15 minutes after submitting the booking form, our system had secured a really creative wedding photographer excited to shoot this artistic couple in his own unique style. Daniel, who is one of the best wedding photographers in Manchester and has been documenting weddings for a while was ready to go with his favourite Canon 5D Mark IV with multiple professional lenses to capture the love on their faces as Kris walked down the aisle.

Documenting The Perfect Elopement

The rest speaks for itself. Daniel showed up in this city centre location slightly before the scheduled time, and the soon to be newlyweds had their big day captured with candid bridal portraits where their connection and love for each other was quite palpable. This was followed by a fun photo session where Daniel put the couple at ease. These are the days where every professional wedding photographer gets reminded as to why they love photography!

After The Wedding

Almost as quickly as they got married & were off to start a life together, their beautiful photos were sitting in their inbox ready to be shared with all of their friends and family. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. A! We’re happy to have had the opportunity to help capture your special day, we are eager for you two to cherish each other forever and always. :gift_heart:

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