Hiring a wedding photographer with Perfocal

Hiring a wedding photographer with Perfocal

Here at Perfocal, we know the importance of immortalising your wedding magic forever. We also know how time-consuming, confusing and costly it can be to try and find a local photographer.

Wedding days are momentous celebrations: a union between two people with moments of joy, nostalgia, excitement and tears. Such a significant day for two families makes remembering the wedding day so important. We, naturally, believe that gorgeous weddings need great photography. The best wedding photographers should capture the most natural and beautiful moments of your big day with elegance and make the memories everlasting. This is why years of experience, as well as creative flair,  is important to execute amazing wedding photography.

Perfocal will help to make your wedding amazing by simplifying your photography, and do it without spending costing you a fortune.

"After searching tirelessly for a wedding photographer we finally found Perfocal and realised that it didn’t have to be that hard! Their sample work caught our eyes and their price is very competitive. After booking, we got a message from our photographer before finishing a cup of tea! And he was amazing! All our memories from the wedding day have been captured perfectly. The photos are exactly what we were looking for! We’re so happy that we found this great business, thank you!"
- Nico

When you book a wedding photographer with Perfocal through our online form, we read your requirements and search our database for the right wedding photographer for you, who is local to your region and available on the big day.

When booking with Perfocal, we include a space to tell us and your photographer what you're looking for. This is because we want you to be able to pick the exact kind of photos you need. It's also very important for our photographers to know the right information before the shoot, so they can perfectly cater to your needs.

"So easy! Was not going to bother [with photography] as the wedding was very small and last minute, but we found Perfocal on the internet and it couldn’t be easier. Also impressed with the customer service as they answered any questions really quickly. No hesitation in recommending them and using again. Joy our photographer was just lovely."
- Grant

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Perfocal's method 0f booking make you huge savings. Savings that are made where you'd otherwise spend for a photographer's time spent self-marketing, doing admin, correspondence, and editing. This is why we pride ourselves on providing first-rate wedding photographers, and first-rate wedding photography, for an amazing rate.

"We booked Perfocal only a few weeks before our Wedding service and reception. Many of the guests commented about how lovely yet unobtrusive the photographer was and the photos reflect this. There are a mixture of formal group shots done superbly with care taken over positioning, light etc. contrasted with candid shots taken of intimate moments. She has the ability to capture personality in an instant. We are thrilled to have such a detailed record of the celebration and to see how joyous it was. We couldn‘t recommend her more highly and feel that it is fantastic value for money. She was utterly charming!"
- Michelle

We've provided our services to hundreds of happy couples across the UK, covering weddings big and small, from London to Durham.

We know what it means to have beautiful wedding photography. Don't let finding a photographer take up all your planning. Let us take the reins so you can enjoy your big day.

Are you getting married and considering booking a wedding photographer?

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, and for most people a once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether your wedding's big or small, make sure you don’t fork out a fortune for your photos. You can hire a pro photographer simply and affordably with Perfocal instead.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have amazing wedding photos without the price tag.

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Matilda Donnachie

Matilda Donnachie

Passionate photographer from London, but my heart is in Manchester!