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At Perfocal, we are all about helping you find the best photographer for your needs. We've done the hard part for you: finding the best photographers and carefully review their equipment and portfolios before we put them on our platform. So you know you will always hire the best available photographers around you.

person holding Canon DSLR camera
Hiring a professional photographer doesn't have to cost you a fortune. 

We have also created a fixed price model so that you can hire someone even easier so you get no surprises, no mandatory up-selling of canvases and printed copies.  Just the photos, edited and ready to take home. You can choose any time span you need for your family, or work event and pay the price we set. Need a headshot for your Linkedin profile? Hire someone for just 30 minutes! Need a whole wedding taken care of? Hire a photographer for the whole day for under £500! Learn more about the pricing here and just get started.

Then we go straight into the booking process.  See how easy it is to actually book an awesome perfocal photographer.  Your perfect photographer is just a few taps away. All we need to know is what, when, where and how to contact you.

Using Perfocal for your photography needs will save you time, stress and always get you awesome results!