Photoshoot anything. Thoughts, stories and tips from Team Perfocal.

Photography has become a necessity in the blogging world because imagery is what gets people in the door and traffic to your website. Some of the best performing blogs are the ones with beautiful, non-posed, and artistic images, and images that catch the eye and that are on trend.

Additionally, it is essential because it makes sponsors, readers, followers, and other stakeholders take your work seriously. Those that lack photos appear like the endless prose of boring content. Therefore, hiring a photographer for a blog is something to consider in order for growth and success.
Below are tips on how to hire a photographer for a blog:

Find the Photographer

Currently, there are numerous platforms that you could use to find a professional photographer to suit the needs and specifications of your blog. These platforms include apps such as Shapr, Collabor8, and Perfocal (yes, that's us). Photographers can also be found on social media avenues such as Instagram, Facebook groups, and Craigslist. But when you look for professionalism, and a good fee, you want to go where people are trusted, vetted and have their past work on show.

College students and volunteers can also provide photography services at affordable rates. However, involving this cadre of photographers could be detrimental to your business in some way.

Enquire About Rates

Photographer rates vary depending on the city you’re in or work to be done. Hence, it is essential to inquire about their average charges from other bloggers and the clients they have served. Some photographers provide discounts to their clients if customers agree to tag their links or social handles on their posts. Knowing this information is critical when hiring a photographer because it helps you budget.

Seal the Deal

Like any other business transaction, having a photographer sign a contract is essential. You can draft one depending on the terms you agree on although, there are photographers with already designed agreements. A deal should highlight factors such as copyright to all images, how photos should be edited, use of images, and the rate a photographer wants to be paid. Sorting out this logistics issues ensures that misunderstandings do not arise in the course of your collaboration.
Working and hiring via Perfocal can streamline this process for you, so it can be hassle free and complete in just a few clicks.

Set Deadlines

You should also agree on what time photos should be made available to ensure that you do not miss any deadlines. Ideally, photos should be sent three days earlier. This move provides sufficient to time for re-edits. Photographers should also disclose their overall edit time in advance so that you both agree upon a deadline for each project.

Plan Shoots

Once you have hired the photographer, you can now schedule for shoots. To ensure that you get the quality images you want; you could brief the photographer details of your preferred specifications days before the shoot. This approach gives both of you time to select a location that suits your needs. Selecting a photographer for a blog does not have to be stressful anymore. Give them the style, and storyline you want and just go from there. The photographer will be creative enough to capture what you need, whether its a food blog or fashion.


These tips can help you hire the right professional for the job you want to be done. Seeking the services of a competent photographer ensures that your blog remains relevant, famous, and most importantly, it succeeds.

For all your needs, you can head to Perfocal and our handpicked pros will deliver high-quality photography for set fees that start from £69.