The Ultimate Guide to Having a Winter Wedding in 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Having a Winter Wedding in 2020

Beautiful Winter Weddings

Winter is traditionally the least popular time of year to get married, but it shouldn't be.

Winter weddings can be just as beautiful (arguably even more-so) as sunny Spring and Summer celebrations. They're just a different beast that you need to learn to tame.

There's so much to love about winter! The cold crisp air, the rich colour palettes, and getting cosy by the fireside. In which case a winter wedding is perfect for you.

Or you may be checking out your options for a winter celebration as your Summer 2020 wedding plans have sadly had to be cancelled due to the strange circumstances this year.

Either way, have no fear! It takes some extra considerations and planning, but hosting a winter wedding can be just as magical, less expensive, and much more unique than a classic summery wedding!

We've written up our favourite Winter wedding tips from real-life weddings shot by Perfocal photographers. We've covered everything from themes to flowers, clothing and decorations to the menu, to show you just how stunning winter weddings can be.

Try to keep all these things in mind when planning your winter wedding. Remember, planning a wedding in the cold months is not the same as hosting a summer wedding.

Best of all, this inspiration is pulled straight from our real weddings, so it's all tried-and-true.

I need to re-arrange my wedding due to COVID-19

These are really unfortunate circumstances, and we extend our sincerest sympathies to couples who have found themselves in this difficult situation.

If your wedding was planned for the spring or summer of 2020, you will likely have had to push the date of your wedding backwards.

Hopefully your wedding suppliers have been accommodating with re-arranging and postponing services.

You may find yourself in the situation that you need to hold your wedding in the winter due to lack of availability at other times of year. Or maybe you are one of the few who see winter weddings for the exciting opportunity they really are.

No matter the situation, we're here to show you how amazing winter weddings can be! Some simple adaptations need to be made to make a truly sparkling (and perhaps a little chilly) wedding.

Embrace it!

If you've decided to have your wedding in winter, then embrace it wholeheartedly! It may or may not be your ideal choice, but just go with it. Trying to replicate a summer wedding in the winter won't work. Embrace and adapt to your wintery theme, and both you and your guests will have a fantastic day.

Go Scenic

Unlike Summer weddings, you can't rely on the sunshine to beautify your winter wedding. Which means the details are key for throwing a wintertime celebration.

You may be a lucky couple who wins the weather lottery on the day of your winter wedding. However no-one can confirm until the big day what the skies will have in store. Don't gamble, and make sure every other detail of your winter wedding is organised so that, in the likely absence of sunshine, you wedding will still sparkle.

Ensure the location for your wedding has a look that will still be beautiful in slightly overcast weather or dimly lit by candles or fairy lights. For instance, choose a rustic barn, a Tudor hall, or a classically cosy English pub.

Candles create a romantic mood once it gets dark; include candles of different heights and thickness in your centrepieces, fireplaces, windowsills and even in lanterns for your aisle décor for a warm glow. Check if your venue allows naked flames, otherwise use LED candles and fairylights instead.

Keep a Strong Winter Wedding Theme

As with the location, remember to keep your theme strong to make the wedding gel.

This is an opportunity to bring some individuality to your wedding by choosing a strong theme that enhances your wonderful wintry set-up.

Be sure not to use summery themes such as bright and light florals, such as pink roses or peonies. These won't fit with your uniquely wintry wedding!

Embrace the antithesis of summer weddings and look for deeper colours, more leafy florals as well as festive and rustic decor.

Make friends with darker shades of your favourite colours, such as a deep orange or green to add accents to your winter wedding, from the decorations to your clothing.

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Channelling winter with your outfit

Make a change from the light summer florals by using bold patterns and colours. Choose darker tones and indulgent fabrics such as velvet, corduroy, and tartan, etcetera.

If your wedding is in the run up to Christmas, velvet makes a perfect statement for an evening outfit, your bridesmaid dresses or your groom's tuxedo jacket. As well as looking luxurious and festive, it will keep you warm (and still stylish!)

To make a statement with your makeup, step away from the glowing peachy tones that dominate summer weddings. Smokey eyeshadows or dark lipstick will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

Add sequins where you can to your winter wedding, as they sparkle under lights and make your photographs twinkle. You can incorporate sequins into the decor (such as tablecloths, curtains etc), your bridesmaids dresses, your own wedding dress and even on your hair for some extra dazzle!

Making the most of winter flowers

Out-of-season summer or tropical flowers will cost you a pretty penny, as well as having to be flown in (they won't look very fresh).

Opt for seasonal flowers and blooms to keep costs low and accentuating the wintry feel of your wedding.

Red and white shades compliment winter weddings perfectly (think red roses or baby's breath), or you could try wintry foliage such as eucalyptus, holly, or even ivy.

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Plan for the Weather

As with any event, plan for your winter wedding with the weather in mind.

Plan for all the key events in your wedding to happen indoors. In this instance, any good weather on your big day is an added bonus!

If the heavens open, there will be no need for last minute changes (which could throw you off-kilter). Keep everything indoors in your plans.

The ceremony and reception venue

Consider a single venue for your ceremony and reception. There are plenty of venues all over the UK that are equipped to host both parts of your winter wedding.

This way, guests will not need to travel between venues (which could be disastrous in bad weather). Better still, perhaps consider having your wedding in a hotel where your guests can stay, too.

If you plan to have your ceremony and reception in different locations, ensure to arrange transportation for your guests between venues.

Thoughtful wedding favours

There are plenty of ways you can accommodate your guests in cold or wet weather, such as with wedding favours. Consider providing cosy blankets for guests, or matching umbrellas for any moments outdoors.

Dress with the weather in-mind

Whether you're the bride-to-be, the groom-to-be or a wedding guest, make sure you're dressed appropriately for the cold day ahead!

Dresses for winter

If you plan on wearing a dress, look for one which covers either your shoulders or your full arm. Bare arms may look great indoors, however shivering and goosebumps are less of a good look.

Consider heavier fabrics for your dress or suit, as they'll keep you warmer. However, remember that you'll need to be able to adapt between indoors and outdoors, so layering is key!

You can add a small cape or shawl over your dress to stay toasty when venturing outside. Pea coats and trench coats also look chic and sophisticated when layered over dresses.

Be mindful of your footwear

We advise against wearing open-toe shoes for your wedding, as they certainly won't help to protect your feet from the winter elements!

Spray your shoes with leather or suede protector if possible to stop them from getting wet or muddy.

You could even have a back-up pair of shoes at-hand should you need to go outside for photos. A pair of flat ballet pumps, or wedge heels to keep you comfy and to stop you sinking into the grass and mud! If you can hide a pair of trainers or wellies under your wedding dress for a short while, then do! Your feet will thank you later.

Work with the daylight (and your photographer!)

The events in your wedding

Remember that depending on the month of your winter wedding, the sun may set as early as 4pm. This means that any key events in your wedding may have to happen early, if you want them during daylight hours.

Working with your wedding photographer

Winter weddings are much harder to photograph than summer weddings due to the amount and duration of  the sunlight. As well as this, photographs need to be taken quickly before guests (and brides and grooms) get too cold.

Your wedding photographer will have all the equipment they need such as flashes and low-light capable cameras. However, you may not want your bridal photos taken in the dark (although these can also look beautiful).

Don't fret that your photos will be dull if the sun isn't shining. A good photographer will be able to put some "wow" factor into those overcast winter days.

When indoors, low light and candlelight can be amazingly flattering. So don’t panic about it not being a bright, sunny day!

Winter weddings don't mean you can't have great wedding photos. In fact, winter can get you some moody, unique photographs that can’t be achieved in the summertime.

Keep the menu winter-appropriate

Don't force the cold drinks and canapés! Go with the winter theme and keep the food and drinks warm and hearty. You can find some great ideas for a winter wedding menu here.

Think comfort food for chilly weather, such as cheese fondue or mini Yorkshires. For the main course, a roast, carved at the table. For dessert, sticky toffee pudding.

Hot, hot drinks!

Hot drinks are always a winner. For non-alcoholic options, think tea, coffee and hot chocolate. You could even set up a hot chocolate station complete with marshmallows and whipped cream. Get inspiration here.

For the alcoholic options, consider mulled wine (a winter classic), mulled cider, Baileys and wintry cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or anything with Bourbon!

Wintry wedding favours

Add little wintry finishing touches with your wedding favours such as sparklers (these look great in photographs), chocolate coins, candles, candy canes, glittery baubles, the possibilities are endless.

Little touches such as these will make your winter wedding magical.

Winter weddings can be amazingly beautiful and unique

To sum up, no matter the reason you're considering a winter wedding, know that they are equally as stunning as sunny weddings in the summer.

Simple adjustments such as timing, locations, and outfits are needed to make your winter wedding go off without a hitch. Go crazy with your theme and decorations to make your winter wedding a sparkling and magical affair.

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