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Wedding day photo shoots generate some of the most important images in a person’s life. You, therefore, need to put up measures to ensure that you get quality photos on your wedding day. To ensure that you get good photos, you need to pose right for the camera and avoid things that could make you look gloomy on your big day. Below are tips you could employ to get candid photos.

wedding photos rehearsal


Practicing often enables you to be prepared for the wedding day. It is while practicing that you get to identify your best side. It is also a chance to get comfortable given that most people will be staring at you on the wedding day. You could also try various poses to figure out what works best for you. When you have identified what works, make it your signature.


Preparing means getting a good makeup artist to do your manicure, pedicure, and facial. You are supposed to look perfect and flawless on your wedding day. Therefore, you need a professional that can accentuate all your beautiful features. Adequately done makeup gives you the confidence to pose well for the camera. As part of the preparation process, you need to identify the best location for the shoot. It ought to be a place that makes you comfortable and reflects your union.

Bouquet Positioning

The correct position to hold the flowers is below the belly button, on the hips. This position enables your elbow to bend slightly giving you an excellent posture. The forearms should be at a 45-degree angle to accentuate the wedding gown. When held correctly, the flowers also serve to cover your tummy.

bride holding wedding flower bouquet
Photo by Perfocal

Arms Placement

There should be sufficient space between your arms and your body. This posture serves to make your arms smaller while defining your waistline. This position gives you a slimmer appearance that enhances your body shape.

smile bride on wedding

Smile, Remember to Smile

You need to give a natural smile when taking photos. Fake smiles result in unflattering poses. To get the best smiles, you need to think about things that make you happy so that it comes out naturally. You could practice smiling by relaxing your face and slightly opening your mouth to get perfect smiles on the wedding day.


When you are uneasy, most of the photos will appear posed. Given that all eyes are on you, you may feel uptight and stuck. When this happens, it’s best to look away from the camera. Remember that the photographer needs to capture the romance so act naturally, laugh, and maintain eye contact with your spouse.

photograph of wedding
Be your self :) Relax is the key when it comes to wedding photos.

Pose Properly

There are several things you could do that to ensure that you pose correctly. For instance, you could lift your chin up and lower your shoulders to elongate your neck. You could also make your eyes appear large by slightly raising your eyebrows. You could also position your legs correctly so that you do not look stiff. Despite them being concealed, you should slightly bend the knee, or cross them to accentuate your hips. Additionally, you could take tips from your photographer during the shoot, after all, they are more experienced than you are.

This may be the biggest day of your life, and you shouldn't let nerves get the better of you! Remembering even a few of these tips can make all the difference and keep the memories alive for years to come. When it comes to booking a photographer, why not check out Perfocal's wedding photography page. Our hand-picked pros deliver high-quality photography services for set fees that start from £99.