Weddings: What if your photographer lost all your photo files?

Weddings: What if your photographer lost all your photo files?

At Perfocal, we’re passionate about capturing special moments, and they rarely come any more special than your wedding.

Last week, we became aware of Jade Simpson (nee Metherell) and her husband, who recently lost their wedding photos after their photographer was mugged, and the SD card containing their images was stolen.?


This is horrible, and we thought we'd do something for Mr & Mrs Simpson. So following the media reports of Jade’s story, we reached out to her and offered a free shoot with one of our professionals in Manchester to recreate some of their lost pictures. We're super proud that Perfocal's service can be helpful in such incidents - in my opinion, nothing is more meaningful than capturing (or immortalising) people's life memories!

Losing your photos is definitely one of the worst things can happen to a newly-wed. However, coming home with poorly captured wedding photos can be as bad, and is actually a lot more common than you might imagine. At Perfocal we get a lot of wedding photography bookings and we have seen more and more wedding-saviour shoot requests through Perfocal's platform recently. To help some married couples across the UK recreate some of the magical moments from their weddings, and give them something to look back on in future years, Perfocal recently asked couples who weren’t happy with their wedding photos to share them with us, with the intention of offering some of the worst a free four-hour shoot. Couples can submit their photos here:

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