Make the most of Valentine's Day in lockdown

Make the most of Valentine's Day in lockdown

Valentine's Day 2021 is going to be a little different for all of us this year. As the UK is in lockdown, with shops, restaurants, and attractions closed, you may need to get a little more creative with your plans than before, but why not see this as a positive even creativity? Instead of paying for an expensive meal out or spending hundreds in the shops, why not take things back to basics and focus on you and your partner and the ways you can make the 14th of February as special as possible.

So How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Lockdown?
Read our handy guide below to discover our top tips for a romantic Valentine's Day lockdown!

1. Valentine's Day Flowers

You can't go wrong with a delivery of beautiful blooms for your nearest and dearest. In a gloomy and rainy month like February and in the middle of a national lockdown on Valentine's Day, some bright flowers will really help to lift their mood and to remind them that spring is on the horizon. Everyone loves flowers!

Most local supermarkets sell flowers, so you can add them to your weekly shop. Plus, a lot of outdoor markets and garden centres are still open so you may be able to pick some valentine's day flowers up from there. If you need to get your flowers delivered, buying online is your best bet. Check out the Best Flower Delivery Companies Online and get them delivered straight to your door and make sure arrange your delivery time. If you live apart from your partner, make sure you include a message with the flowers so that they know how much you're missing them!

2. Get a Takeaway or Cook Together

Some of Valentine's gift ideas can be expensive, but having a date night doesn't have to be. Surprise your loved one with their favourite meal, or look up some recipes that you'd like to cook together. BBC Good Food has a great selection of recipes for starters, mains, and desserts, and you'll find recipes for vegetarians and people with food allergies too. If you're stuck for inspiration, why not pick up a meal delivery kit from either a Restaurant or a Dedicated Meal Delivery Service. Your ingredients will come pre-measured and it'll take the stress out of cooking.

Valentine's gift ideas don't need to involve elbow grease: why not get a takeaway or delivery? As well as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat, there are lots of local independent restaurants that offer collection and delivery, so you can pick up a three-course meal from one of your local favourites. Choose your all-time favourites like pizza or curry, or go for something completely new that you've never tried before.

3. Gift Ideas for Valentines Day 2021

With all the shops closed, you'll have to look online for presents- or make them yourself. If you've got plenty of time left before the big day, you could order something unique and personalised from shops like Etsy or Not On The High Street. Both websites have great options for jewellery, homewares, and prints personalised with names or initials.

You could also invest in a couples photoshoot to create lasting memories with Perfocal; hire a professional photographer to capture romantic memories simply and affordably instead. You might have to wait until the lockdown is over to have the shoot, but it's a fun activity to look forward to and you can start thinking about the outfits and locations you'd like.

How to celebrate valentine's day in lockdown when money's tight? Simply print out a few photos of your favourite memories, trips, and anniversaries together, and make a collage or put them in an old photo frame. You could also take some instant pictures with a polaroid camera and stick them up on your fridge.

4. Snuggle up with a Good Movie

One of the simplest and easiest at home Valentine's Day ideas is to watch a movie together. Load up your chosen streaming service, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, and sit down to watch some of their most romantic offerings.

You could also both pick your favourite film of all time, and have a movie marathon with popcorn, chocolate, and a big fluffy blanket. You could even have a theme night around the film you want to watch, and dress up in costumes as well as creating some themed snacks and cocktails. Make your living room feel extra special by stringing up some fairy lights or lighting some scented candles, and enjoy staying cosy and out of the cold.

5. Write a love letter

Valentine's day 2021 is certainly going to be one to remember, so why not commit your memories to paper with a love letter or card?

You could talk about the times you have enjoyed together over the past 12 months, whether that's been romantic nights in or bracing walks in the countryside. You can thank your partner for their support throughout the tough times, and discuss the great things you've learned about each other. Take pen to paper for a touch of old-fashioned charm, or order a personalised card. A Valentine's day lockdown may not be what you both imagined, but a letter or card is a great way to celebrate the little wins of the past year, and to let your partner know how much you love them.

Get Started with Your at Home Valentine's Day Ideas

Rain LOVE text (Image by Perfocal)

Now, you're ready to plan a memorable day or night for you and your loved one. We may be in a national lockdown on valentine's day, but you can still make it fun, be creative; pick the perfect gift, get some cheering flowers delivered, enjoy some delicious food and snuggle down on the sofa together. And remember, whether you write a letter or say it in person, make sure your significant other knows how special they are!

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