Mariko's Church Wedding: Getting Married During COVID

Mariko's Church Wedding: Getting Married During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world up in ways we could never imagine. The virus not only forced us to retreat into our homes, but it forced us to become increasingly isolated from our friends, family, and broader social networks.

With that being said, however, COVID-19 has not been able to stand in the way of love. Even though many couples across the globe were forced to postpone their nuptials or reevaluate wedding plans, this hasn't stopped the most resilient of couples from celebrating their love.

One example of such a couple is that of Mariko and her now-husband. Lovely Mariko contacted Perfocal back in early 2021 when she was looking for a wedding photographer who would be capable of capturing her more intimate wedding celebration.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 restrictions limited the number of guests allowed, this couple wasn't going to allow a pandemic to put a dampener on their big day. They were to find a professional photographer who would capture the magic of their love under what could be said to be the most unique of circumstances.

Within a few hours of getting in touch with Perfocal, we connected Mariko with Mark, an experienced photographer. He specialises in shooting weddings and engagement ceremonies.

Type of shoot: Wedding

Location: Limehouse, London

Package: 3 hours (£279)

Add-ons: None

Photographer: Mark C

From the moment Mark touched base with Mariko, she could tell he was the right photographer for the job. He had an instant rapport with both Mariko and her husband, putting them at ease.

On the day of the wedding, Mark arrived at the stunning church venue ahead of time to assess the location and establish the best angles for the shots.

During the intimate wedding ceremony, Mark managed to be a discreet presence where he strategically captured all beautiful moments of the nuptials.

From Mariko adjusting her husband's buttonhole to the couple's smiling as they said their vows, Mark managed to catch some stunning candid images.

After the proceedings, Mark went on to have the couple and their small wedding party pose for some formal photos outside the wonderful church venue.

All in all, being witness to Mariko's fantastic wedding was an absolute privilege for Perfocal, and we are absolutely delighted that Mariko chose us to play a part in memorialising the highlights of their big day.

We wish this wonderful couple all the best as they embark on their next chapter together as man and wife.

Thanks to a successful vaccine rollout, COVID restrictions are slowly being lifted, and weddings are beginning to go ahead!

A photo of Mariko is signing a marriage certificate following their church wedding.

If you are planning on tying the knot and looking to get a professional photographer to capture the highlights of your big day, check out Perfocal's broad range of wedding packages.

Getting married is a pivotal moment in a person's life. Be sure to do those memories justice by having a professional do the job.

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