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Perfocal is partnering up with students across the country to bring great photography to student social events, parties and graduations.

If you're a student looking to make some extra cash, look no further! Perfocal is on the lookout for student brand ambassadors across the UK.

Perfocal is a platform to hire a professional photographer simply and affordably, for anything you could possibly think of.

As a Perfocal ambassador, all you need to do is recommend us whenever anyone is in need of a pro photographer. We'll give you your own exclusive discount code, and whenever it's used in an order, you'll make 20% of that sale.

As a student, you'll know parties and society events as well as graduations, all of which need great photography to make the memories immortal. Simply promote Perfocal to your friends and societies, and make 20% of the profit made using your personal discount code. That's all there is to it! No strings attached, just get the word out there!

How much can I earn?

If one person were to book using your discount code for a 2-hour photo shoot, you would make £15. With options to book an 8-hour shoot, you could make up to £61.80 in one go!

That's £62 for simply recommending us, and getting your friends or society a great deal on some photography.

What we offer:

  • personal discount
  • comission
  • goodie bags
  • promotion and sales experience

What you need:

  • you should be registered as a UK university student
  • promotion skills
  • connected to student societies

Once you reach 10+ orders using your personal discount code, Perfocal will get you kitted out with your own exclusive goodie bag.

What are the next steps?

Simply submit us a CV detailing your basic personal details and experience here OR send us an email with a CV attachment to Previous experience is not required, just charm and charisma!

We'll get back to you within the working week with everything you need to know, and your personal 10% discount code (which you can start giving out straight away!)