Photobooth vs Pro Photographer for Your Party: Which Is Best for You?

Photobooth vs Pro Photographer for Your Party: Which Is Best for You?

The joy of any party or social gathering is the photos you take, and the memories you get when looking back at them a week, a month and even years later. There are two usual options for professionals photos. One of hiring a photo booth or by hiring the services of a pro photographer.

Recently, photo booths have become a little more popular for 18th and 21st birthdays. However, there are still people who prefer to have their pictures taken by a professional photographer.

If you are planning a milestone birthday party for a loved one, or for yourself, there are a few option for you to select, and they both capture an event’s memories. Below are things to consider when deciding whether to hire a pro photographer or get a photo booth for your party.


A majority of people may choose a photo booth when they want to spend less on photography. The problem arises when the needs to stay for the entire event and that can last for hours. The booth can easily reach over £500 for the event, and might not always capture the lovely moments you have with friends and family. It’s nice as a gimmick factor in addition perhaps.

Technical Issues

Photo booths are simple to set up and use, and they come adjusted to suit your needs. Sometimes though, they can experience technical errors which may inhibit you from capturing those exciting moments at your party. When a photo booth fails to operate, it may minimize your guests’ excitement and can be embarrassing.

Availability of Space

Unlike a pro photographer who moves around taking pictures at an event, a photo booth requires a significant amount of space. A photo booth also requires power to operate and therefore needs to be strategically placed. When hosting a party in a small area or flat, the photo booth may accommodate a lot of space. It may also pose challenges when hosting an outdoor event. You wouldn’t want to leave it outside when it’s cold and wet.

Theme and Photo Size

Photo booths can be designed with various props to match the theme of your party. In the absence of these background themes, it may be difficult for your guests to experiment and capture those great moments. The size of the photo is also limiting. Photo booths produce passport-sized photographs hence not ideal. Perfect for fridge magnets, not so much for lasting memories. Additionally, photo booths are limited to a certain number of people in a picture compared to a traditional photo that can accommodate many people.


A booth can only accommodate a certain number of people at a time. When hosting a big party, you may be required to hire more than one photo booth to minimize congestion and long queues that may arise. This problem makes hiring photographers the better option because one group can have their pictures taken and moved to the other side while the next cohort comes for theirs.

You Decide

Photobooths are fun, but based on your preference, hiring a pro photographer is ideal when planning an important event such as a 18th or 21st birthdays, especially if it's for someone else. These professionals come organized and capture the entire event while you go about having fun with your guests. They capture the moments, and that’s what you can look back at and enjoy for years to come! The other extra great bonus of hiring a photographer is that the cost is significantly lower than hiring a photobooth.

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