Plan Your Own Royal Wedding on a Tight Budget

Plan Your Own Royal Wedding on a Tight Budget

So Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony at the historic Windsor Castle, marking another landmark in this modern-day fairy tale. It was quite different to the royal wedding the world witnessed a few years ago in Westminster Abbey, that of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Either way, we are sure, you would have seen the latest photos of the royal wedding and sighed, wishing you could have a similar fairy-tale wedding with your Prince charming.

It might sounds like a daydream but in fact, no. With some careful planning and good use of some trendy platforms, you can actually make your own version of royal wedding even on a tight budget.

Here are a few ideas that cost nowhere as close to the expenses of Meghan Markle’s extravagant affair but will make your guests feel that they are witnessing something special and make you feel like royalty.

Dress Like a Princess

You can dress like a princess without spending a diamond. Hiring a wedding dress is quickly becoming the norm. Why spend a huge amount on a dress that you will probably wear only once? Also, it might not be otherwise possible to get an amazing celebrity-like wedding dress unless one wants to spend their entire wedding budget on the dress. Check item-sharing platform Fatlama where you can easily find some beautiful wedding dresses available at as low as £30 per day.

Wedding Dress
Fatlama lets you hire beautiful wedding wears at affordable day rates.

Some Live Music Please

Unfortunately, the Royal Military Brass Band is probably not for hire (at least not at our budget level). Other marching bands (8+ people) on the market would cost four digits usually. However, thanks to Encore, an on-demand musician service, you can hire a professional band affordably and hassle-free. A 3-4 people classical band on the platform usually cost £400-800 for 3 hours performance.

A wedding band (string trio) on a client wedding, covered by Perfocal photographer.

Get a Rolls Royce

Royals love Rolls Royces too, especially vintage ones! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle borrowed the Queen's vintage Rolls Royce which was made in the 1950s. When it comes to our civilian weddings, it could be harder to borrow anything from the Queen. But PremierCarriage lets you find and hire local luxury wedding cars at ease. We've seen Rolls Royce made in the 1930s available for hire at roughly £400, which means you can hire an even older Rolls Royce than Harry and Meghan's!

PremierCarriage helps you book local luxury wedding cars easily.

Capture It with a Pro Photographer (and Save £££)

Here's the most important part, the photographer! Champagnes will be uncorked, cakes will be eaten, but memories should stay! But let’s face it: traditional photographers cost a bomb! And we justify those expensive photographers to ourselves by saying that “it’s an important day, we don’t want to take the risk.” Also, because your friend hired one and their friend hired one and so on.

We're not saying they are overpricing, really, they do spend lots of time behind the scene and have loads of unnecessary bills to pay! But what if we told you that you can save more than 50% of the cost and still get amazing-royal-wedding-type photos? Perfocal made this possible. How, you ask? Well, because Perfocal is able to hugely cut off cost for photographers and let them focus on being creative, rather than spending a great amount of time and money in promoting themselves, doing post-editing etc.

We strictly pre-screen our photographers and edit all the photos ourselves, ensuring high quality photos fit for a royal wedding, plus extremely fast delivery in 2 days. Best of all, we offer this at fixed prices that are very reasonable. A half-day photography package is currently at just £299. Check out our wedding photography pricing here.

Wedding photos by Perfocal
Perfocal offers on-demand professional photography service at fixed affordable rates.
"Perfocal makes hiring photographers for our wedding day easy like a breeze."
– Yu Yu, Perfocal customer

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So here you are! With those newer platforms available, you may have your big day all planned up for less than £3,000! Hope you liked our ideas to have a "royal wedding" without a "royal budget". Go on, start planning and make your dream wedding a realistic!