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We're offering free replica photography for babies born on the same day as the newest tiny Royal!

The UK Royal Family is without question the most famous in the world. The latest addition to the Royals, Meghan Markle, has been widely discussed in media in recent months. It seems that anything she does is news, with the BBC even reporting on her ‘closing a car door’!

In case any of you still weren’t aware, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their son Archie into the world on 6 May 2019, so we decided to offer expectant parents in the UK a little something to celebrate the momentous birth of the newest member of the Royal Family.

We’re offering free replica royal photoshoots for babies who are born on the same day as Archie. Parents can submit a photo of their baby’s birth certificate below as proof that their child was also born on 6 May 2019. We will arrange a professional shoot to replicate the shots!

On top of this, if your baby was born within the same hour as the Royal baby -  05:26 BST - we'll give your child free birthday photography up until they are 18. (This includes birthday parties, portraits, etc).

If your baby was born on 6 May 2019, you’ve got a month to submit your baby’s birth certificate using the link below to get booked in with a local photographer 😊

Upload your a photo of baby's birth certificate here to get your free shoot!