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Did you even eat if you didn't get a picture? We've all been there, hopped on Instagram and seen a delicious meal captured flawlessly by your friend disguised as a professional food photographer. Hit instantly with a case of FOMO and a pang of hunger, you find the restaurant on your food delivery app of choice and order away...

This shows how important using a high-quality food photographer is for restaurants in the social media and online food ordering age. Delivery services such as Deliveroo and UberEats understand that a bad picture can even turn you off a meal that sounds good, which is why they've developed their own menu photography guidelines.

Image captured by a food photographer from Perfocal

After the first lockdown, restaurants suffered. To try and survive, smart owners used food delivery services to keep orders coming in. Then a new problem arose. A flooded marketplace made it hard to stand out. Customers are smarter than ever. The internet has allowed them to compare competitors in seconds. Nowhere is this as evident as it is on delivery services. A customer logs on and goes to your restaurant. They see you do breakfast food and check out what options you have. Eggs Benedict sounds good. You make Eggs Benedict read as tantalising as possible. You describe how the runny eggs complement the toasted muffin and how your homemade hollandaise sauce oozes from each corner. That tickles their fancy. They are considering ordering, but just want to take a quick look at other options before clicking 'pay'. That customer then goes to a different restaurant’s page and clicks on their page and sees this...

Image captured by a food photographer from Perfocal

No matter how good food is described, a picture is worth a thousand words, and having a professional food photographer can turn those thousand words into thousands of pounds in delivery revenue. As explained here, delivery orders go up by 24% when your menu has photos of your food:

The data doesn't lie, a good food photographer can boost orders online. Source: Deliveroo

A second lockdown may be coming and using all your available resources is key to any restaurant riding it out safely. Food photographers are a resource that is used not only for now, but in the future as well. Lockdown doesn’t have to be a downturn though. This can be an opportunity. With more people staying home instead of going into the office, they are likely to be ordering food at local restaurants in more residential areas. People will be staying in on the weekends and not travelling to different areas to see friends, and there will inevitably be a lot of pizzas being delivered and shared between housemates on Saturday nights.

By winning this business now, you are setting your restaurant up for long term success. Your locals will become regulars and this means you will get repeat business. That’s why now is the time to be proactive and invest in a food photographer, because if/when the second lockdown is put in place, you’ll want to be ready. I know I’ve found a few new local legends due to being at home more. See below how we’ve helped elevate a couple of different restaurants using their best and most important asset... their food.

At Perfocal, we are experts at helping you connect with local food photographers who can literally show the world how delicious the food you make is. Making this happen is as quick and easy as food delivery itself. It’s actually quite similar to ordering from UberEats. You just have to click the button below to the Perfocal website. After you decide the best fit for you, we will literally send a food photographer to your restaurant. Then in 48 hours we will send you the results for you to enjoy.