The best London register offices for your ceremony - the Old Marylebone Town Hall

The best London register offices for your ceremony -  the Old Marylebone Town Hall

Here at Perfocal, we get to see a lot of wedding photos! We wanted to use our knowledge of the prettiest, most popular and most unique town halls and register offices to help couples planning their big day.

This is the first part in a series we will be writing on the best register offices around the UK to get married. We're starting out with the Old Marylebone Town Hall.

If you're short on time, here are the quick facts about the Old Marylebone Town Hall:

  • The Town Hall has 7 ceremony rooms. The Westminster room (100 guest capacity), the Soho room (20 guest capacity) and the Marylebone room (15 guest capacity) are the most popular.
  • You can book your ceremony room online or in-person, with prices ranging from £565 - £1181 in April 2021 - March 2023
  • Bring your own photographer! You can book a wedding & civil ceremony photographer here, starting at £99.
  • The most popular months are March, April and December. You can book up to 2 years in advance, but bear in mind that prices are more expensive in peak months.
  • Peak months are April to October, and the last 2 weeks of December.
  • The Old Marylebone Town Hall is across the road from Regents Park, which is convenient for your post-registry photos.

Read on for the story and more details!

Photo by Perfocal photographer

You already may well be considering a register office for your ceremony. Nowadays many registries are beautiful, ornate rooms softly lit and filled with flowers, and the perfect place for a small and intimate ceremony. Holding your wedding at a registry office can also be far more budget friendly while being just as visually striking.

A brief history of the Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Old Marylebone Town Hall was built on Marylebone road, in London from 1914 to 1920, and is a grade II listed building. Its grand front is decorated with columns inspired by classic Roman and Greek architecture, making for some lovely photo opportunities.

Photo by Perfocal photographer, for a lovely couple

From its opening in 1920, it hosted the marriages of over 120,000 couples. Closed for refurbishment in 2013, the hall reopened in 2018. It has already married 1070 couples since its reopening - making it a very popular registry office for London couples!

We think the Old Marylebone Town Hall is one of Londons best register offices for your wedding because of its historic beauty and grandeur, its central location and proximity to some of London's most beautiful parks: Regents Park and Hyde Park. It is an extremely popular town hall amongst Perfocal's customers. We've put together this guide to the Old Marylebone Town Hall based on our customers' experiences.

Old Marylebone Town Hall is a grand building, and every corner of it is beautiful. Everything from its front steps, to its hallways and balconies are photo-worthy. If you need group shots or couple photos outside the ceremony, there are plenty of options provided by Old Marylebone's historic walls. Here are some of our Perfocal favourites to demonstrate:

The town hall has seven registry ceremony rooms, each named after an area of London; Westminster, Knightsbridge, Paddington, Marylebone, Soho, Pimlico and Mayfair. The Westminster room is the most popular room, followed by the Soho room.

You can book a ceremony room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall online, or if you'd like to see the venue in-person, you can register to attend an open evening here.

The most popular time of year for registries at the Old Marylebone are March, April and December, during which times prices tend to peak. They range anywhere from £454 to £11181 for year 2021 to year 2023, depending on the time you book. You can book all of these rooms up to two years in advance.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Westminster ceremony room is the biggest and most popular registry room. It has space for up to 100 guests. It is luxuriously lined with wood panels and ornate ceiling decorations.

The warm lighting in the Westminster room paired with the wooden wall panelling make for visually stunning shots of brides, grooms and guests. It is certainly the most grandiose and classic ceremony room.

The Westminster room has a premium ceremony fee, making it more costly than the other rooms. You can book this room from £659.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Soho registry room is the second most popular option amongst couples. It is smaller and more relaxed than the Westminster room, with pale-grey walls and wooden floors as well as a mixture of chairs and sofas for registry guests. Its capacity is 20 people, with 14 sitting and 6 standing.

The decor of this room makes for a much brighter and more modern wedding registry, as well as the photos. The modern chandelier is certainly magical and brings a warmth to your ceremony. More casual and intimate ceremonies are certainly done justice by this room!

Pricing for this room starts at £565.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Knightsbridge room is perfect for mid-size wedding registries, with capacity for 30 seated guests. It, like other rooms, has a grand fireplace as its centrepiece. The walls are a subtle and soft grey colour, and and the seats all compliment this with dark grey crushed velvet cushions. All of this is finished by beautifully simplistic circular chandeliers.

The more muted and crisp style of the Knightsbridge room will complement your wedding beautifully, without detracting attention away from the most important thing (you!) This room goes best with contemporary couples and wedding styles.

Pricing for this room starts at £565.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Paddington room at the Old Marylebone Town Hall is one of the smaller ceremony rooms, holding maximum 15 people.

The intimate ceremony room has a traditional style, again complete with wooden panels, ornate decoration and lighting. The seating is limited, so guests will mainly end up standing.

The bright light in the Paddington room comes from both the window and the chandelier, and is reflected off the dark panelled walls. Therefore the photos are always bright and warm, and we love how intimate the little room's photos come out!

The Paddington room has a premium ceremony fee, making it more costly than the other rooms. Pricing for this room starts at £659.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Marylebone room is, here at Perfocal, the most popular room at the old Marylebone Town Hall. It can hold an intimate ceremony of up to 15 people (12 seated and 3 standing), in its traditional yet chic space.

As with all the other wooden panelled rooms, the warm glow from the chandelier fills the whole room. We love the way these close ceremonies look bathed in golden light - nothing is more flattering!

The Marylebone room has a premium ceremony fee, making it more costly than the other rooms. Pricing for this room starts at £659.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

Sisters with the Soho room, the Pimlico room will seat up to 20 guests in blue velvet chairs. While they look virtually identical, this room differs to the Soho room with off-white walls and more traditional individual seating in a deep blue velvet. The Pimlico room will more comfortably sit 20 guests.

Pricing for this room starts at £565.


Photo courtesy of Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Mayfair room is sisters with the Knightsbridge room, with little discernible difference between the two. Both seat 30 guests, and are virtually mirror photos of one another. The Mayfair room has a slightly deeper grey colour theme, as well as maroon velvet seat cushions.

Pricing for the Mayfair room starts at £565.

Outside the Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Old Marylebone Town Hall sits right on the edge of Regents Park, meaning your post-registry photos could be just a walk across the road. Many couples who book their wedding photographer with Perfocal choose to go to either the Regents Park or slightly further to Hyde Park for some beautiful couple photos after their ceremonies.

If you're considering the Old Marylebone Town Hall for your wedding registry, you wouldn't be the first. This beautiful historic location in central London is the perfect setting for many city registries and civil partnerships. The hall has many different ceremony rooms to choose from, each with a different look and feel. The building is also near to a handful of scenic London parks to top off your ceremony photography with some outdoor shots.

You can book the Old Marylebone Town Hall for your wedding here.
All photos by Perfocal photographer, for a lovely couple

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