The Perfect 80th Birthday Gift - A Framed Photograph

The Perfect 80th Birthday Gift - A Framed Photograph

This year, on the eve of London's lockdown my grandmother turned 8o years old! As always, my whole family gathered to celebrate; the parents, the 5 grand kids and their partners all congregated at my cousin's home in Goring & Streatley, near Reading.

To memorialise the occasion we organised a photoshoot, complete with champagne, bunting & a piñata. Come on, who doesn't want to see their 80 year old grandma break apart a cardboard donkey with a wooden stick? (pics below) We had a feeling that this would be the last family occasion we would have in a while.

A month or so later, after weeks of isolation, my grandmother called to tell me that no matter what I said she was coming round. I raised my concerns, but knew any further action was pointless, once she has her mind set on something, there is little anyone can do to dissuade her. Instead, I set out two chairs in our garden, wiped them with anti-bacterial and fetched the surprise I'd been harbouring for weeks now. This was this moment when I presented her gift:


As you can see from the video with one well timed gift I secured the top spot as favourite grandchild.

The piñata pics

The middle is my personal favourite - look at her face; pure joy! ?

The family photoshoot

The photoshoot itself was an experience. Our photographer Jamie was an absolute performer! He transitioned from one well timed joke to another whilst simultaneously organising us (no small feat).

Look at this wholesome picture ♥️

Days before the shoot, Jamie called to ask us what we wanted for the shoot. We shared our piñata plans, but also asked if he could bring a back drop for some professional pictures.

It was a push, but we just about had time in our 2 hour slot to fit the professional pictures in.

Capture a moment in time with Perfocal

The process of professional photo to frame can be laborious and costly; not anymore with Perfocal.

We spent £248 for:

  • 123 family photos delivered in a digital gallery
  • professional headshots for 5 people
  • An A3 framed photograph including delivery
  • A hilarious day with the family

Raj Paul

Raj Paul

Raj is Head of Strategy & Growth at Perfocal. He loves to ski ⛷, surf ??‍♂️ and meditate ??‍♂️. When the moment strikes (rarely) he likes to write ✍?