The Perfocal Story

The Perfocal Story

Here at Perfocal, we love photography. We love the way photos can travel across time, taking you back to re-live the past or help you build your future. That’s why we’re here - not to do the magic - but to capture it in all its glory. Perfocal makes great photography more accessible and affordable to all.

When you look back at those baby photos or scroll through old albums on Facebook, it’s that magic feeling that we’re always looking to bring by being able to book a great photographer who'll help you remember those special moments beautifully.

Photo by Sarandy Westfall / Unsplash

The idea for Perfocal came when our founder, Tony Xu, struggled to find a freelance photographer for his birthday party via traditional means. He noticed there was no defined method of finding the right photographer for an event, who was available on the day. Not only this, but the industry was swamped by the guise of luxury.

“When we started this, we knew there was a huge need for a ‘one-stop-shop’ for photographers, as I’d actually had problems finding a suitable professional before.”

On further research, he realised this was actually hurting the photographers, too. The general idea that photography was an expensive luxury was driving work away from the photographers, and making them have to work harder and charge more for a single job.

Photo by Nakita Cheung / Unsplash

Tony established Perfocal to break down those barriers, by bringing more work to photographers and help them avoid wasting time, while simultaneously making beautiful professional photography accessible to all.

We believe photography is a form of communication which transcends language, stirs imagination and sets memories free.

So we want to provide you with the kind of photos you want to look back on, hang proudly on your wall, and share with friends.

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Photo by Lindy Baker / Unsplash

Three years later, and Perfocal is a thriving business. We have over 500 vetted and professional photographers signed up with us across the country, providing great photography to people in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Belfast, and many more.

With our amazing photographers, we've photographed weddings, captured kids parties, shot business events and snapped professional headshots.

“Whether you’re looking forward to your child’s first day of school, or celebrating your father’s 60th birthday, if it’s worth remembering, it’s worth capturing. That’s our mission - making this easy and affordable."

The office team is ever growing, with an excited team of hobbyist photographers paving the way for a photography industry that caters to everyone.

The Perfocal team

We've helped hundreds of people from all walks of life to capture their important moments beautifully. We're forever proud of those moments.

Every time a camera shutter fires, a little more magic is created.

Perfocal Team

Perfocal Team

Team at We simply love capturing life moments!