Things To Consider When Selecting And Booking Wedding Photographers

Things To Consider When Selecting And Booking Wedding Photographers

Weddings are a big deal and the memories created on that day ought to be captured so that they last forever. Not to be dramatic but booking a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions during the planning of a wedding. It is as important as picking the venue and theme colors.
Factors To Consider When Booking A Wedding Photographer


The best time to book a wedding photographer is during the early stages of planning when the date is set. This approach helps you save on time, money and the stress that comes from looking for a photographer when their schedules are full.


Wedding photography styles range from photojournalistic to traditional and artistic. Therefore, you need to select a photographer based your preferred design because they pioneer in diverse methods.


Another important aspect is the venue. You need to have decided on a perfect site for your wedding when booking a photographer. Choosing a location enables the photographer to prepare and assemble all the tools required to shoot in the selected place. A good photographer will try to bring out beautiful images either in a cabin in the woods, a snowy prairie or at a warehouse.


Having a budget enables you to allocate sufficient funds for the majority of the things you want in your wedding. Different photographers charge different fees for their services. Therefore, it is paramount to research to know how much you need to allocate for wedding photography. For instance, some photographers charge a deposit of up to $1,000 once booked. This deposit is meant to hold the date until a contract is complete. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, wedding photography can cost up to $10,000.

Does this sound too much? Did you know there is a alternative to these potential scary pricing? Perfocal’s fixed pricing will ease the pain, and create a worry free wedding knowing that the hourly fee is fixed, and set before you get started. No additional fees will be added and no upsell for special prints.

There Are Also Some Do's And Don’ts When Booking For A Wedding Photographer


• Request for personal recommendations from friends and family on how to get in touch with professional wedding photographers.
• Set aside time for photo shoots when drafting the programme for the wedding. When time is set, inform the photographer so that they prepare in advance.
• Request to see their portfolio. This approach enables you to decide whether a photographer suits your vision of perfect photography session. It also allows you to know whether they are consistent with the posing, style, storytelling, and lighting.
• Seek for inspiration from media platforms such as Pinterest to help to choose the style of photography you want.

Don’ts When Booking For A Wedding Photographer

• Ask friends or relatives with good cameras to take your wedding pictures. Instead, hire an expert to get excellent results and allow your family and friends to enjoy your wedding with you.
• When selecting a style, choose at least one. Do not get caught up wanting to try everything you saw online.
• Book a photographer late. For instance, if you’re planning a summer wedding, try and book the photographer months in advance.
• Fail to conduct in-depth search while looking for a wedding photographer. This mistake could land you an amateur who could ruin your day.
• Shop for photographers based on the price. This approach results in the hiring of individuals who provide low-quality services.

To ensure you get excellent wedding photos, you need to put all these factors into consideration. The hardest choice is choosing the right photographer, and the right one for your budget but once that is decided, you can sit back and enjoy the moments and always remember the big day because of your photographers storytelling.


If you are worried about pricing, or how to vett the portfolios, turn to Perfocal who offer fixed pricing, and easy booking, and with the added bonsu that we have hand picked our photographers before we offer them to you.

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