The Video is Rolling

The Video is Rolling

At Perfocal, we operate on a simple principle of ask and you shall receive. At least, as long as a couple of other people have asked for it too.

In this case, 4 in 10 customers have asked for videography in addition to their photography bookings. We're super excited to announce that it's finally here, it's about to happen, and it's banging on your door...Videography Version 1. The beta.

We'd love you to join our videography beta

It's a beta, but it's an open beta. That means it's available for all our customers to use and request. The "beta" side of things comes in with the levels of complexity.

For now, it's simple videography delivered within 48 hours in full HD (1920 x 1080) in its raw format. If you're looking to recreate Tony Stark flying above London (or even running on the streets) in your new clothing line, it's a bit outside of our scope for now.

However, if you'd like to have Tony Stark walking slowly towards the camera while speaking about the new clothing line you've just released, that's absolutely doable [Robert Downey Jr. not included].

Types of videography for you

Okay, so I've explained one form of videography we're offering – but wait, there's more! About 6 more kinds of videography, to be exact. Here's a quick overview of what we're welcoming you to explore with us.

1: Property

If you're selling homes / living and working spaces, bring them to life with videography. You can shoot linear walking tours of the properties to make them more attractive and show your potential client the space in motion. If you're working with influencers, follow this guide to learn how you can use their support in sharing your videos about your property.

2: Product

Let's get loud and proud with your products! Unboxing videos, showing off the features, or some simple recordings of use cases. A solid way to exhibit durability, quality, and effectiveness of your products.

3: Interviews

Not Ellen DeGeneres style. If you're looking to create videos of customer testimonials, capture a grand company presentation, or interviews of your team for your website, you're in luck. On second thought, Ellen-style interviews are doable too [large audience and dancing not included].

4: Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of, well, anything you like. Factory environments to see how your products are made; restaurants and bakeries to show the chefs in action; insides of warehouses to see the moving parts; your office space to give insight into your company culture. Even influencer vlogging! If there's a side to your work or life that others don't get to see, but you'd love to introduce them to, we're here for you.

5: Educational Content

Training videos for internal / external use (hello, Udemy!), podcasts, and live tutorials. Also, if you have a design tool, for example, you can make educational videos on how to use a logo creator or an image editor.

6: Special Requests – 360 property shots & drone footage

Upon special request, we can do 360 property shots and aerial drone footage. This is limited at the moment and quite specialised. We're happy to hear you out and see our availability, but it's not a given. No harm in asking!

How much does videography cost?

Great question. Right now there are two packages to choose from. Each package has a 10% early bird discount already attached to it.

  1. Compact – 2 hours for £270, i.e. £135 per hour.
  2. Standard – 4 hours for £486, i.e. £121.5 per hour.
  3. Extended [not available at present] – 6 hours for £648, i.e. £108 per hour.

Once we're out of beta, those prices will go up slightly to ~ £150 per hour for the compact package, and a respective increase for the subsequent packages.

What about editing?

Editing isn't included in the base price, however, we do offer a variety of editing add-on services.

For 1 hour of editing at £90 each, you can get:

  • Grading
  • General editing
  • Mixing audio track
  • Branded social templates

For 30 minutes of editing at £45 each, you can get:

  • Royalty free music (including license)
  • Company branding (watermark).

You're looking at a 1:1 rule of thumb. In other words, one hour of videography requires one hour editing, so be sure to budget for that.

How to book videography through Perfocal

You're welcome to send your details and your videography request to Ask and you shall receive!

Not everyone likes writing emails. If that's you, head on over to our business page and fill out the quote form right at the top.

Where it asks about more information, give us a little overview of your videography requirements and we'll get back to you!

Brandon Josi

Brandon Josi

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