What to Look Out For When Hiring a Photographer

What to Look Out For When Hiring a Photographer

Finding a good photographer is a difficult task because you have to consider many things. Remember, no score can tell you who the best among them is. Moreover, a photographer with the highest number of clients does not mean that he is the best. Likewise, photographers with an excellent reputation in the past may not be as good emerging photographers today, and may not be right for your style.
Here is our guide on what to look for when hiring a photographer for your next event.

Decide What Kind Of Style You Want

You can go for a documentary, portraiture, fine art, or edgy photos and whatever you've seen before and want to try and replicate. Choose a style that resonates with your personality. One that appeals to your audience is also an excellent idea. Search for a photographer who is an expert in your preferred style of photography or at least has a nice portfolio of the style you like.

Extensive Research Is Unavoidable

Checking online reviews of photographers would give you an idea of their work ethic. Do they deliver their work on time? Do they listen to their clients? Checking their social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram would also help you decide if a particular photographer is worth the money. Alternatively, you can streamline the whole process using Perfocal.

Conduct A Few Interviews

Everything about a photographer might seem exceptional on social media, blogs, and websites. However, one-on-one meetings might reveal hidden traits of the photographer that you should know. For example, how easy was it to set up the interview? Did the photographer dodge any questions? Talk about the details of your intended shoot so that everything is clear between you and the photographer.

Examine Portfolios

The evidence that a photographer does excellent work lies in the photos he takes. Ask for them and view them carefully. Is the photographer getting it right? Can you rely on the photographer to deliver what you want?

Images that Stand Out From the Rest Are Critical

Photographers have the best cameras, lighting systems, and locations. That means their photos are better than average photos taken by anyone including you. Looking at a portfolio of clear pictures taken by quality cameras might fool you into believing that the photographer is an expert at his job. In truth, only photos that stand out from the rest determine whether the photographer is worth the money.

Your Personalities Ought To Match

Photographers will take control of your life for a bit of time as they tell you where to sit and how to pose among other instructions. You have to work with someone who can tell you such things gently. He must do it in a way that does not irritate you so make sure that your personalities match.

Talk About Assistants And Replacements

Established photographers have a large staff working under them. At times, they might bring their assistants with them during a shoot. In some case, they might send them in their place. Make sure that you know if your photographer will do that so you can ask about the level of professionalism exhibited by their assistants.

Compare Prices

Taking an offer without examining alternative proposals is not ideal. Shop around! You have to make sure that you get the best possible services at the lowest price. That is only possible if you compare the cost of hiring various photographers. Then you ought to settle upon a particular photographer after balancing the price tag and the quality of work.

What Are Your Rights?

Your image is your property. Using your pictures without your consent is wrong. Many photographers display their clients' images on their websites or blogs without permission from them but you can discuss this with the photographer and if this isn't something you want, let them know. Make sure that your photographer makes clear their terms and conditions before you start shooting.

The Post-production Details Are Critical

Photographers can spend as much as forty hours editing your photos after the photo shoot. You might think that he is taking too much time unless you understand how post-production works. This often is the reason for the high prices. At Perfocal, since we are taking the customer acquiring and photo editing processes away from the photographer, we're able to offer the service at a much more affordable, almost unbeatable price, yet still produce amazing final results. Photographers are happy, and hopefully you will be too.


When looking for a photographer, it can be daunting, and the unknown about the potential fees can make the process a little hard. Knowing as much before and streamlining the process with the best photographer possible can make it all that easier. Following these rules can help too.

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Perfocal Team

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