Huiyu and Jun's Wintery Manchester Wedding

Huiyu and Jun's Wintery Manchester Wedding

Back in the wintery January of 2019, Huiyu and Jun were getting married.

They had had their ceremony at Manchester Register Office and after-party at Manchester Art Gallery booked for months. The winter wedding was a small family affair, with just a handful of key family members travelling from China to witness, so Huiyu and Jun didn’t rush to book a professional photographer for such a small gathering.

A few days before their wonderful wintery wedding day, they decided they wanted a professional wedding photographer to come and make the event a beautiful memory.

Friends of our founder, Tony, Huiyu and Jun knew they could come to Perfocal to find them a last-minute wedding photographer who would capture the day in style.

Just four days before the wedding, Jun booked simply through our website and we found her perfect wedding photographer within just 40 minutes!

It was a cold and wintery day in January, so the wedding didn’t have the classic floral themes of summer weddings. Instead, everything glittered with Christmassy lights, and the colour themes were darker shades of red.

Reflecting this, the beautiful wedding photos are slightly darker and more atmospheric than classic wedding photos. They certainly capture the English winter - you can see a slight chill in the air!

Nonetheless, the wedding photos are a sight to behold! Their photographer, Hayley, did a fantastic job capturing the majesty of the winter wedding. The photos positively shine.

The bride wore a navy velvet suit in the evening, and the newly married couple posed in front of a Christmas tree at the after-party. The wedding cake was surrounded by glittering Christmas tree lights, and the guests were wrapped up smartly in their warmest get-up.

The transport for the day was a big, red routemaster bus which took the guests from venue to venue.

In the evening, a string quartet from the RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) serenaded the couple and played for the guests while they dined.

What a beautiful winter wedding! We’re honoured to have helped the couple to make such beautiful memories of the most important day in both their lives.

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