Stephane photography
Photographer Stephane


French photographer from Paris living in London. Available for vacation photography, engagements, events, portraits, fashion, books.

About Stephane

I started photography by taking pictures of people in the street and became fond of Street photography. A genre that I really like introducing me to a world I would have never seen before. Passionate about natural light, I go outside and do what I love the most, capturing real moments. I love to watch people's behavior. I find it interesting as it can tells a lot about someone and in a way gives a better understanding of humans being. Watching someone, trying to guess what his day had been like.

Equipment Information

- Canon 5D Mark II - Lenses Canon 50mm f1,8, 24-105mm f4 - Canon AE-1 film camera - Lenses 35, 50 and 135mm. - Studio lights D-Lite RX 4/4