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Oxford Wedding photographer

3 tips for your wedding photo shoot

1 Why digital photography is better than film

Before digital cameras existed, film cameras were the only way of photography. Now, digital photography has become the preferred medium. Digital photography carries various advantages along with it. Sharing digital pictures on social media has become as natural as breathing today. For the most digitally intensive amongst us, having pictures in the digital format is absolutely necessary. Indeed, the prospect of having to convert pictures before we can share them seems out of date at best and looks more like a waste of time.

Oxford Wedding photographer
Oxford Wedding photographer

2 How to pose for wedding photos

Looking the best in your wedding pictures is necessary; after all, these are your lifetime memories. It is therefore necessary that you learn the best poses before your special day. The best posture will make you look and feel confident, healthy and happy. Why do n't you practise by getting yourself photographed by your friend in different poses. Knowing your top pose enables you to get the best shots possible.

3 What are Wedding Photography styles?

Wedding photography can be shot in several ways. Any style that the photographer selects comes under three main categories-traditional, artistic, photojournalist The classic wedding photography way, refers to classic shots of the couple and their families. The composition of those shots will be formal like the vows. Depending on your taste there can be some more creativity but in essence the rules of this way of pictures are clear. The contemporary wedding photography way refers to taking bride and groom photographs in a more original way. It fuses modern methods of taking photographs. The third style is photojournalistic wedding photography. The idea behind this way is to capture sincere moments to give your wedding a real look. The photographs taken often elicit a flood of emotions.

Oxford Wedding photographer

What clients loved about their wedding photographer

People who have used Perfocal generally appreciate the following about their wedding photographer:

Amazing service from the get-go.

The photography service was great.

great experience with Perfocal, our photographer was very professional and friendly, her photos made everyone happy!

Immortalise your wedding in the most iconic spots of Oxford

Are you getting married in Oxford? Discover lovely places where you can have a photoshoot to immortalise your special moment. Imagine what type of atmosphere you would like your wedding pictures to convey and discuss with your photographer how best to achieve it.

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  • Outdoor Sights
  • Nature
  • City Sights
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Wedding photos that will sparkle

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