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Oxford Wedding photographer

3 tips for your wedding photo shoot

1 Why is Wedding Photography so important?

You may want to place more importance on the cake, but your main priority should be to pick a professional wedding photographer. Afterwards, you’ll be able to see those good moments at your wedding.

Oxford Wedding photographer
Oxford Wedding photographer

2 Why digital photography is better than film

There is something special, an unsubstantiated quality to film photography. According to some the grain and analogue definition helps transmit a more natural image. But the reality is that most photographers now work with digital cameras. Not only is the quality of digital camera’s exceptional today, but they also come with convenience improvements over film camera’s. One of them is the digital camera’s memory. This means the photographer will be able to shoot everything on the moment without thinking if it will be worth it. Photographers can swiftly adjust their camera to suit any conditions, including rapidly moving subjects such as people dancing, without having to change film type. Only a few button presses are required to overhaul the photographs taken by the digital camera.

3 What are Wedding Photography styles?

Wedding photography can shoot the pictures in mainly three ways-traditional, artistic, and photojournalist. The traditional style strives to forge the classic wedding photograph look that we all know. Artistic is a more creative version where the photographer can let loose. Finally, the photojournalist style is the most hands off version, emulating documentaries. Innovative wedding photography falls under a category called contemporary wedding photography. There’s a bigger reliance on style. You can take a classic wedding photograph, apply colour corrections to make them more artistic..

Oxford Wedding photographer

What clients loved about their wedding photographer

People who have used Perfocal generally appreciate the following about their wedding photographer:

My photographer Eylem was on time on the wedding day and did a great job.

Shall definitely be using Perfocal again - great concept and delivery!

Job well done.

Immortalise your wedding in the most iconic spots of Oxford

Are you getting married in Oxford? Discover delightfull places where you can take pictures to immortalise your special day. Imagine what type of atmosphere you would like your wedding pictures to convey and ask your photographer how best to achieve it.

  • Outdoor Sights
  • Construction
  • Nature
  • City Sights

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