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Wedding photographer Leeds

3 tips for your wedding photo shoot

1 What are Wedding Photography styles?

Your wedding memories can be taken in mainly three ways. All styles are creative, although each will follow different rules. Traditional follows the standards of wedding photography, contemporary uses more filters and documentary style is the reality tv type of photography. The classic wedding photography way, features formal photographs of the couple and their families. The composition of those photographs will be formal such as the first dance. There could be here and there some more creativity but in essence the rules of this way of photographies are clear. The contemporary wedding photography style features capturing bride and groom photographs in a more original way. It combines modish trends of taking photographs. The third type is photojournalistic wedding photography. The idea behind this style is to capture truthfull moments to give your wedding a real look. The photographs taken often elicit pleasant memories.

Wedding photographer Leeds
Wedding photographer Leeds

2 Why an Engagement Photo Shoot is important

Congratulations on getting engaged! Start your dreamy journey with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be with an engagement photo shoot. This amazing photo shoot will allow you to reminisce and relive those beautiful moments later in your life. Furthermore, images can be included into many different things, like save the date invites, wedding trinkets to loved ones or to create a photo album or wall collage.

3 Why digital photography is better than film

Film cameras with restricted exposures on the roll were once the sole mode of photography. But now, after the invention of digital photography, it is ruling the world. Along with clarity, there are many other advantages of shooting pictures with a digital camera. Digital cameras with built-in features like portrait mode permit you to take photographs in diverse modes. Factor in the many colour filters digital cameras have, the only limit is your photographers creativity.

Wedding photographer Leeds

What clients loved about their wedding photographer

People who have used Perfocal generally appreciate the following about their wedding photographer:

Photographer was professional and we're happy with the photos!

Onur was very pleasant and adaptable.

Joel, our allocated photographer, did a really excellent job.

Immortalise your wedding in the most iconic spots of Leeds

Are you marrying in Leeds? Discover delightfull places where you can take pictures to immortalise your special moment. Imagine what type of atmosphere you would like your wedding pictures to convey and ask your photographer how best to achieve it.

  • Nature
  • Entertainment
  • Outdoor Sights
  • City Sights
  • Construction

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Wedding photos that will sparkle

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