DIY Graduation in 2020 | Make it Memorable.

DIY Graduation in 2020 | Make it Memorable.

Three years, six semesters, ten thousand words, multiple exams, three hundred pot noodles, fifty regrettable Monday nights out and finally, one pandemic later, zero graduation day.

It might seem like a silly tradition dressing up like a wizard and shaking hands with some old guy you have never met, but it’s a right of passage.

Jiaxin's Graduation photos at Bristol University Campus 

Graduation is a coming of age. You have seen it in the movies and have watched your favourite characters recite emotional, encouraging speeches about life after education. After three or more long years of hard work, drinking and learning how to pay bills, it would be unthinkable to leave without the photos to remember your success.

These pictures are a classic:

  • the one of you in your robes with your teary-eyed mum and dad
  • the one with your admiring  sister or brother
  • the one with your friends who were your university family
  • the solo shot of you in the gown, and motorboard, holding the scroll with a big cheesy grin plastered on your face. Because you did it!

These pictures have been anticipated for years and are a vital addition to your grandparent's mantelpiece. There has been a space saved for this image since your first day of University.

Just because a pandemic has cancelled your actual Graduation ceremony, that doesn’t mean you can’t throw your hat in the air for a picture. Perfocal is here for you. With a bit of imagination, a rented gown and a photographer, your DIY graduation day can be created. Like some of our recent clients, we have managed to make that special moment come to life. One graduate told us, “my University suggested we join next year’s ceremony, but I didn’t want to delay it. I booked a shoot with Perfocal, my family and I had fun dressing up for the shoot, getting the photos taken and celebrating!”

Amari celebrating her Graduation with family at Manchester University

The good news is, we at Perfocal have made it easy for you to do your own Graduation day. We have teamed up with Churchill Gowns who can get you a gown with the correct colours from your university, delivered to your door. Their gowns are low cost (£34) and environmentally friendly, so you can feel good about looking good.

Due to Covid they have even created a Graduation box for the perfect ceremony at home, it comes complete with a robe, hat, teddybear, scroll, balloons, and a class of 2020 banner (as if you could forget the year ?) for £85. A perfect gift.
All you have to do is book your shoot and order your gown, and we will do the rest, even the framing. As of last month, you can now get granny’s print framed and delivered straight from your gallery.

Chimid celebrating her DIY Graduation at home in London

Even though you have missed out on your big day, you don’t have to miss out on the fun and the photos. Setting aside time for a photoshoot and dressing up in the robes can give you a much needed buzz of excitement. Another Perfocal client told us, “We made a day of it, the shoot was the perfect excuse to celebrate my graduation without the ceremony, which is the boring part anyways.”

So book your shoot, put on your Churchill hat and gown, channel your inner Elle Woods, Troy Bolton, Rory Gilmore and Benjamin Braddock (Legally Blonde, High School Musical, Gilmore Girls and The Graduate). Head to campus, hang up that banner, blow up those balloons, and clutch your fake scroll even if it’s just an excuse to celebrate. Now is not the time to disappoint your grandparents after all.

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