Nuoya’s UCL graduation ceremony

Nuoya’s UCL graduation ceremony

After a year and a half of lockdowns and restrictions, we're all eagerly awaiting the return to 'normal life'. Among the many events that have been cancelled since the pandemic began include the all-important graduation ceremony.

Like many other students, Nuoya was unable to enjoy her graduation last August. She didn't get to follow the traditions of collecting her certificate on stage, shaking hands with her professors, or celebrate one of the most important days of her life with her friends and family. She also missed out on graduation photography, and the memories that those photographs continue to hold for decades afterwards.

In Spring 2021, Nuoya decided to reclaim at least part of her missed university experience. She searched online for professional photographers and booked a two-hour graduation photoshoot with us.

On the day, Nuoya and Giulia had a great time capturing all the images she missed out on the previous year. Firstly, they went onto the UCL campus for her formal graduation portraits, in which Nuoya wore her hired gown and cap from our partner supplier - Churchill Gowns. They took various images -  head and shoulders and full length - to ensure she would have a variety to choose from. Many people like to frame a graduation portrait, so it was vital that they got these just right early on.

After the formal portraits were completed, they headed out into the surrounding London area to take more casual shots. Graduation photoshoots are about much more than just the mantlepiece shots, after all. Nuoya and her photographer visited lots of areas of London that had made her time at UCL so special. In particular, she wanted to go to some of the spots that she and her friends had spent time over the course of her degree.

First, they went to soak up the colours and excitement of China Town - the lanterns and hubbub made a great backdrop for Nuoya's photos. The iconic Millennium Bridge was their next stop. Luckily, the weather was dry, so the photographer was able to catch Nuoya in front of the river Thames at its best.

The two-hour shoot flew by - Nuoya enjoyed herself and thanks to Giulia's friendly, supportive style, she was able to relax. Although she had waited for this day for a long time, she didn't feel nervous - just excited, as if she could finally celebrate all the time and hard work that she had put into her degree.

After the two hour shoot was over, Nuoya went home, happy that she'd finally got the graduation photos she wanted. When she received the photos, she was thrilled with the quality and how happy and relaxed she looked in her graduation cloak and cap. At least, she could enlarge some of her favourites, give one to her parents, and have one in pride of place in her house.

If you missed your graduation ceremony, you can still live out some of the day and, most importantly, capture those precious graduation photos. Like Nuoya, you can book a graduation photo shoot with a professional photographer starting from just £99.

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