Kendall’s Fairytale London Engagement

Kendall’s Fairytale London Engagement

When it comes to romantic photoshoot locations, London certainly has its unique charm.

The juxtaposition of the modern Shard building alongside historical monuments like beautiful St. Paul’s Cathedral and iconic Big Ben provides the perfect backdrop for stunning photo opportunities.

For Kendall and her soon-to-be husband, London occupies a special spot in their love story. After all, this historic city is where he got down on one knee and popped the big question.

Sadly, however, their time in the Big Smoke is about to come to an end as they are soon to return home to the USA to begin the next stage of their lives together.

To mark the end of their chapter in London Town and to celebrate their engagement, the couple knew they wanted to do something special to capture a few memories of their time here.

Kendall decided a professional photoshoot capturing the couple in their element with famous London landmarks in the background was the most wonderful way to commemorate the end of an era and the beginning of a new adventure as man and wife.

So Kendall contacted Perfocal and filled in the short booking form with the basic details of her vision for the shoot!

Perfocal matched Kendall with local photographer Nacho, who has a stunning wedding and engagement shoots portfolio within just a few hours.

What’s more, Nacho knows London like the back of his hand, which means he knows all the best spots when it comes to finding photoshoot locations for his clients.  

Type of shoot: Engagement
Location: Tower Bridge, London
Package: 1 hour (£99)
Add-ons: None

On the day of the shoot, Nacho met them at Tower Bridge just before every photographer’s favourite time of day, aka golden hour.

He had several excellent backdrops prepared, including the iconic Tower Bridge and the River Thames and more modern city features such as the Shard, the Gherkin, and the Cheese Grater!

Nacho managed to stage some really fun shots using the quintessentially British image of the famous red phone booth as a prop.

He also expertly captured a beautiful time-lapse image of the couple holding hands as a big red London bus sped by in the background.

As well as having the couple pose for some pictures, Nacho also successfully immortalised some brilliant candid moments of the pair laughing and having fun with each other.

He also took the time to capture some of the finer details, such as Kendall’s exquisite engagement ring.

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon out celebrating the couple’s forthcoming nuptials and the perfect way to say a fond farewell to the city they hold so dear.

We were absolutely delighted that this lovely couple chose us to capture their special moment, and we’re happy to have been able to help the couple create some final memories of their time in London.

Congrats to them! We wish you all the very best for the future.

If you’d like to get yourself some engagement or pre-wedding shots as spectacular as these, check out Perfocal’s broad range of wedding and engagement photography packages.

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in a person’s life. Be sure to do those memories justice by opting for a professional shoot rather than relying on blurry images from a cell phone.

Perfocal’s photography packages are simple and affordable, which means you can immortalise your special day without breaking the bank.

We guarantee a fast and simple online booking, a top-class professional photographer who’ll travel to meet you at the location of your choice, and a 48-hour photo delivery every time.  

At Perfocal, we always go the extra mile to give you engagement snaps that you can proudly display on your wall for years to come.

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