16% off headshots for women - Equal Pay Day 2019

16% off headshots for women - Equal Pay Day 2019

In 2019, women still earn on average 84p to every £1 earned by men, despite experience or job type.

Today, 4th November 2019, marks the day from which European women will essentially work for free until the end of the year.

“Today on Equal Pay Day, women earn on average 16 percent less than men. Written in the European Treaties 60 years ago, equal pay for equal work is still not a reality.”

To stand with women on Equal Pay Day 2019, Perfocal is offering UK women 16% off professional headshots.

We believe women deserve equality, meaning equal pay and equal opportunity. To level the playing field, Perfocal is offering the thing we know how to do well; photography.

There's power behind amazing headshots. Empower yourself and your career with 16% off professional headshots this week only.

We've captured hundreds of women's professional headshots around the country, immortalising the great working women of the UK.

Don't wait to get your incredible professional portrait, at a fair rate, with Perfocal.

Are you thinking about booking a Perfocal photographer for your professional headshots? Great idea!

Any modern businessperson needs to show off their best qualities with great photography. Whether its for your CV, website or Linkedin pages, don't leave your headshot down to your colleague's phone camera. You can hire a pro headshot photographer simply and affordably instead.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have your headshot looking its best.

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