How to Plan a Surprise Marriage Proposal in 5 Steps

How to Plan a Surprise Marriage Proposal in 5 Steps

A marriage proposal is a special and defining moment is shared by two people in love; It's the moment where one person asks the other to marry him/her to spend the rest of their life with you; It's the moment that many dream of for years in advance and it's the moment that signals the start of your married life together, so naturally we want that moment to be perfect.

The idea of planning a surprise proposal can be intimidating; it's natural to feel a lot of pressure and to be nervous ahead of the day. However, planning your proposal carefully can help to overcome this concern and we have some tips that will help you figure out how to propose to your partner in the best way imaginable.


Ensure that You and Your Partner are Both on the Same Page.

The idea of getting married may seem obvious, especially if you have dated for a while. But it remains essential to ensure that both you and your partner are contemplating the idea of getting married.

Have a chat with your partner about the future, let them know that you would like to get married some day and find our if they feel the same way. Understand their priorities and their ideal timeline so you can work out if now is the best time to propose, or if you should wait a few months or years more. It may be a hard conversation to start, but having this conversation is essential as it means you can go into the proposal with more confidence and a clear idea on what their answer might be.

Get Personal

It is crucial to know the type of proposal your partner would love, whether it is a surprise proposal surrounded by friends and family, a grand and public gesture or an intimate affair in a private location. To have an idea of what proposal your partner may like, you can show them some proposal videos or give examples of what others you know have done. You should then observe their reactions and ask for their opinion.

Regardless of your budget, choose a beautiful, sentimental spot that you can easily modify to suit the mood.

A List of Proposal Must-Haves

For your surprise engagement it's essential that you have arranged the following:


Flowers, typically roses, are commonly given on the day of a proposal. They may be kept in your home for the weeks to come, serving as a perfect reminder of your special day.

Lots of people choose a rose petals trail in proposal. A trail leading your partner to a romantic space that decorated by you. You could try  to write “Will You Marry Me?” in luscious rose petals on the floor, bed or anywhere you would love to show.


Since the ring is what your partner will be wearing daily for the rest of their life, it is crucial that you think carefully about the best design for them. Pay close attention to the type of jewellery they wear most of the time, to magazines they read and images they've liked on instagram or pinned on pinterest. Family and friends are also a great help in pointing you in the right direction here

As for the jewellery store, look online at recommendations and find out where your local Hatton Garden is with all the best jewellery stores in your neighbourhood. It will help if you purchase a high-quality  ring from a trusted store with excellent customer service and great reviews. The staff in the store are also a great help!

But how to make sure your secret stays hidden and measure your partner's ring finger and find the perfect fit?

Look through your partner's jewellery and take one of  their rings to jeweller. But sometimes that is not accurate way or they don't wear rings on the ring finger. Then we could use a piece of string to measure their fingers. When they are asleep, wrap a small piece of string around their ring finger and use a pen to mark where the ends meet.

Draft What You Want to Say and Rehearse

It is not essential that you have a written down proposal speech, but it is a good idea to jot down some of the things you would like to say to your partner when proposing. Writing your thoughts down helps you figure out how you want to pop the question.

Some of the best things to include in your proposal speech include the qualities you love about your partner, reflections on the moment you realised you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them and reasons why you think you're perfect together. Speak from the heart and try to excite your partner by talking about the future you have in store together.

Rehearsing your lines in front of a mirror or small audience of friends and family can help you to figure out what feels right and can boost your confidence on the day of the proposal. You'll be nervous on the day so the more prepared you are, the better!

When and Where to Propose

It's best to decide on the proposal's date and location well in advance to ensure you have enough time to do all the necessary preparations. Some of the best times and places to propose include:

  • On an anniversary or birthday
    You may opt to make your proposal memorable by proposing to your partner on a date that means something to them.
  • At a gathering with friends
    Where you need help or wish to have witnesses, you can arrange for a gathering of your friends and family members during your proposal.
  • In their favourite season / at their favourite time of day                        If your partner has a favourite season you should consider reserving your proposal for that time of year! Would they prefer a summer evening or a winter morning? A lot of the decision will come down to what you and your partner might like to wear for the occasion; do they feel most confident dressed up fancy in their evening dress or suit or would they prefer to be dressed casually in jeans or a thick winter coat?

The location

To make your proposal meaningful and more memorable to both of you, you should choose a place that has a special meaning to you both. It could be a fine dining restaurant, skyline garden, national park etc. It  may also be the place that you went for your first vacation together, where you shared your first kiss or the place you first met.

How to Arrange a Perfect Proposal


Decorating your proposal spot adds a unique and personalised touch which can make the world of a difference. Paying attention to the details shows just how much thought has gone into your proposal and you can contact friends and family members or hire professionals to help with this if you don't have a creative eye.

Talk to Parents and Friends

Where you plan to involve you and your partner's friends and family members, you must ensure that they will keep the proposal a secret, especially your partner's best friends.


Once you arrange your proposal and have all the details laid out, you should look for a reliable photographer to take your proposal photos. You need to make sure your memories of the special day aren't blurry like your phone photos.

Once you search for "engagement photographers near me," you will get a list of some proposal photographers but Perfocal could save your time for that. You can hire a professional photographer simply and affordably instead. Always find the best local photographer near you who has a long portfolio of wedding and engagement shoots.  An amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

Proposing time

After all the preparations are complete, and you have the right people surrounding you and your partner (or not), the moment to propose has come. Take a deep breath to calm your nerves, get down on one knee, and pitch the sentimental speech to your partner. Be patient and give your partner a moment to take it all in.

After your partner accepts your proposal, it is now time to celebrate. Now is the perfect time to have an candid engagement photoshoot and take some engagement couple pics. The photos taken here are perfect for wedding invitations or save-the-dates. Also, ensure that your photographer takes a shot of the engagement ring, everyone will be asking to see it!

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