Perfocal's 2021 Charity of Choice (Still looking!)

Perfocal's 2021 Charity of Choice (Still looking!)

Note: If you'd like to officially be our 2021 Charity of Choice, reach out to

As we were approaching the end of 2020, the Perfocal team were thinking about what we wanted to achieve together moving into 2021. With the effects of COVID-19 in mind, we mutually agreed that we want to create social impact through our work.

After some serious brainstorming about how our services could help charities, we somehow got distracted by our massive love for dogs. We're serious, WE LOVE DOGS! ?

We were talking about one of the downsides of remote work: not being able to see our cute little office dog, Dim-Sum.

Meet our loving team dog Dim-Sum! (Image by Perfocal)

Thanks to Dim Sum we could finally agree on something we could all get behind...animal charities! ?

Naturally, the first charity we looked at was the RSPCA, and their mission resonated with us all...

More than 10,500 animals were taken into our care since last winter. We want to help put them in safe and happy homes.

That's a lot of animals, and that's within the RSPCA alone. No matter the charity, we want to work with you.

Our Adopt Don't Shop incentive for charities (and you!)

For individuals out there that have adopted an animal recently: email us your proof of adoption certificate ( and we'll provide a 10% discount coupon to use on any pet photography shoot. You'll get some permanent memories with your new furry friend, and help promote the shelter you adopted them from.

For the animal charities out there interested in a partnership, here's what we're offering you!

  1. A 15% discount on pet photography for anyone that adopts through you. Pictures for them, exposure for you!
  2. We'll add a "Donate to [Your Charity Name]" button on our site at checkout, to encourage our own customers to donate.
  3. We'll donate 10kg of pet food for every 5 hours of photography we deliver through you.
  4. Our photographers are given the option to donate 1% of their pay to your charity, for every shoot they do.
  5. We will write monthly articles about your charity, and promote the animals currently needing rehoming.
  6. A 20% discount on pet photoshoots at any of your branches. Why? The better presented and the higher quality your images, the more likely they'll be selected for adoption! Show your animals in the best light and increase your adoption rate.

...Phew, that's a lot. If this sounds like something you'd like to benefit from, reach out - we'd love to work with you and support you!

Brandon Josi

Brandon Josi

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Holly Simmons

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