Pet Portraits for a Regal Feline! ?

Pet Portraits for a Regal Feline! ?

Dogs, Cats And Instagram - A Short History

Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you?
Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not your fault....

These lyrics were a turning point for us furry felines - cats - throughout the world. Back in the days when I was young, the world was a fun place where price of canine food was reasonable, dog lovers were less annoying, and pet owners hadn't been bitten by the so called "Instagram bug".

Photoshoot details:

Customer: ? and his human (Will)  

Type of shoot: Pet Photography   Location: East London

Package: 1 hour (£99)   Add-on: High Resolution JPEGs (£19)

I mean, I don't mind posing for the odd pet photoshoot here and there but, god, those ghastly Insta filters! Simply claw-ful! But getting back to my point, Phoebe with her stupid lyrics has made life difficult for us cats. Cats are not always SMELLY!

It's hard being such a handsome cat in this Insta-obsessed world!

"My Pet And My Camera Don't Get Along"

It's not so easy being an adorable kitty in this new social media savvy world. Everyone wants the purr-fect photograph and I have to blow dry my fur everyday and file my paws every week because I never know when my human will pull out her phone and say "smile".

Pet Photos On Demand

I had been getting a bit tired of my humans' noob behaviour, when one day, while sitting in daddy's lap I came across Purrr-focal on his laptop, although I think you humans call it Perfocal. Yea, whatever! I found out through my fur-midable network of Paw-some Cats that Perfocal is a pretty neat concept! You can simply order a pet photographer to come to your place and capture professional pet portraits.

Initially, I listed all the paw-mazing reasons why this would be a good idea: firstly, I would have some candid photos of me, as well as some human family photos. Secondly, I would become Insta famous and would be trending on #catpictures. And thirdly, Perfocal's pet portraits are so affordable (£99 for an hour)! I meowed and purred my way to getting the male human to book an hour-long pet photoshoot with Perfocal.

My First Pet Photoshoot

I must confess that I was slightly nervous before my debut performance, er, photoshoot. You see, I've put on a few pounds around my paw-line and I wanted these portraits to be simply amazing. On the day of the shoot, this professional pet photographer came to our London home and introduced herself as Ligia. The way she spoke to my humans, she seemed nice and friendly. And then she took out these huge cameras and lenses from her bag and while she was setting-up I quietly snuck into her warm camera bag. Don't judge me, it was snuggly and I could hear the humans' usual pitch about "how the cat is so well behaved.."

Born Poser in Natural Light

Finally, we began our "pet photoshoot" and boy, was I spectacular! I don't want to brag, but any Broadway director watching those cat pictures of me would be dying to cast me. From shy to emotional bonding with daddy to a ninja warrior and even to a good family cat, I displayed such a range of expressions and poses. Ligia helped but it was basically all me! Female human was so proud, she gave me some extra treats.

This is how I should be treated all day every day!

Then came the hardest part, the wait for my photos. Although it was much shorter than most traditional portrait photography studios, 48 hours is still a lot of time! I did tell the humans to buy the 24-hour add-on for just £19 but they just patted me and said that I should learn to be a bit more patient.  

Great Photos to Cherish Forever

Finally, the photos arrived and we all gathered around the human's computer to see the photos together. All the pictures were so purr-ty and Ligia had captured the cutest moment ever! Female human became a bit teary-eyed so I gave her a cuddle and rubbed my face against hers. We were so so happy with all the photos and we even posted a few on our social media accounts. Since then, I've recommended Perfocal's pet photography package to like a hundred pets (yes, to a cute rescue puppy as well) in the neighbourhood.

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