Amaris' Manchester graduation

Amaris' Manchester graduation

Amaris’ graduation photoshoot

In July of 2019, Amaris was graduating from the University of Manchester.

It felt like it would never come, but the hard work had all paid off, and the day she would finally don her cap and gown was quickly approaching.

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She knew the summer’s graduation day would be a blast - with lots of celebration and quality moments spent with her family. Like many graduations, Amaris would have her ceremony in Manchester’s grand Whitworth hall, then join hundreds of her classmates outside on Oxford Road to get those all important photos of the big day.

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Such a momentous occasion was deserving of some proper photos to commemorate her final walk through Manchester University's halls, and becoming an official university graduate.

Hiring a Perfocal graduation photographer

Instead of assigning camera duty to one of her willing family members, Amaris made the smart decision of booking a Perfocal photographer to come along and make sure the day was one to remember.

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She booked easily online with just the required date, time and location, and Perfocal found her the best local graduation photographer to capture the celebrations beautifully.

Type of shoot: Graduation
Location: Oxford Road, Manchester
Package: 2 hour (£189)
Add-ons: None

After the ceremony, she met her photographer outside the University at the agreed time. They immediately started taking wonderful photos, and managed to get the whole family in front of the camera beside Manchester University’s famous archway and ivy wall.

All photos by Perfocal graduation photographer

The whole family looked great in their best clothes and basked in the golden evening light.

It wouldn't be a graduation photoshoot without the proud parents, big smiles and bunches of flowers!

Amaris’ graduation photos will certainly be the envy of her classmates and fellow graduates. They’ll not only be all over her Facebook wall, but all over her mum and dad’s walls at home!

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