Four Tips To Successfully Taking A Professional Headshot

Four Tips To Successfully Taking A Professional Headshot

In the recent years, it has become essential to have a professional headshot taken for your business. A headshot is critical because it enhances your business bio, gives it a personal touch, and makes your web page look professional. These factors make it a requirement to have your professional headshot taken by an expert. Taking a selfie with your mobile phone or having your friends take the photo is not sufficient. Here are tips to get a professional headshot:

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1. Hire a Professional

You can never go wrong when you hire a photographer to take your professional headshot. There exist many high quality photographers who would take your photo at an affordable rate. So, forget about having to use old photos, mobile selfies or crop your friends out of a group photo. Invest in a professional headshot and thank us later.

When you work with a professional, you’re able to discuss what you want. Photographers have extensive work experience, understand your needs, preference and will reproduce what you want. Working with a photographer will also save you time since photos can be made available within the shortest time possible.

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2. Dress Accordingly

Your dress code should match your profession. If you’re a chef, you should take a headshot in a chef’s coat and hat. People in the financial sector should wear smart attire and solid colored shirts. Avoid wearing clothes that contradict your profession because your dress code should match your business personality.

3. Select a Proper Background

The background for a professional headshot should be modest. It should not have too many elements that distract viewers from the person on the photo. A majority of professional photographers shoot headshots against a single colour background which is ideal. Your working environment could work greatly too (if it's not too messy).

Your headshot should also have slightly warm or neutral colors that complement your skin tone. Avoid specific bold colors as they portray particular unwanted emotions that could work against promoting your business.

4. Act Naturally

One of the most important things to do when taking a professional headshot is to relax. You don’t want to look like you were coerced into taking the photo. You could try to take deep breaths to calm yourself. Additionally, smile genuinely so that the headshot does not appear staged. Have fun at the shoot. Take as many headshots as you can and select the best from the batch you have taken.

Your headshot is going to impress so follow these steps and get it right from the start.

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