Frances' Beautiful Winter Wedding in Richmond, London

Frances' Beautiful Winter Wedding in Richmond, London

Winter Wedding Photography Made Easy

In October, Frances was planning her splendid winter wedding to John. They had decided on winter because it was John's favourite season, and Frances loved the idea of a bright, wintery shade of red as the theme. They'd been engaged to be married in November, and with a month left until the big day, she had everything sorted out: venue, flowers, music, food, guests. However, Frances had forgotten one thing: the photographer.

Type of shoot: Wedding
Location: Richmond, London
Package: 2 hour (£169)
Add-ons: None

The couple on the day of their wedding, making it official!

The reception wasn't bound to be particularly lengthy, so Frances decided she needed a photographer for just a short 2-hour shoot. Finding a suitable photographer who was available at such short notice for a short shoot was hugely tricky. Anyone who was available and able to travel to Richmond was charging a fortune for their services! Frances was unable to find a photographer she liked who was available to shoot her wedding day at an affordable price.

Even the guests adhered to the red flower theme and Frances' photos came out a treat

However, after a quick online search for local photographers, Frances discovered Perfocal (who have hundreds of professional photographers registered across London that are ready to shoot at short notice). She was able to easily book her photographer for next month by filling out a quick online form. Within 15 minutes, Frances was matched with an amazing professional who was local to Richmond.

The Richmond hotel was transformed into a red-adorned tribute to John and Frances' love!

Frances was paired up with the fantastic Bart, a seasoned wedding photographer who took some stunning shots of the couple's winter wedding and their happy guests at the Richmond Gate Hotel.

A Red Day to Remember

The wedding photos turned out beautifully. The bride wore red to match the wintery red rose theme, while the groom wore a red tie and a red rose in his pocket. The room was adorned with scarlet petals and bouquets, which came out beautifully in the couple's wedding photographs. The Richmond hotel became a wintery paradise for Frances and John's quaint affair.

Hugs and smiles were in abundance for John and Frances

Frances and John greeted all their close friends after the ceremony. Everyone was in high spirits and there were smiles all round!

Their closest friends and family came to London to celebrate

After the reception, the guests enjoyed food and drink and celebrated in style. Bart captured some joyful smiles of celebration as Frances and John spoke to their closest friends and relatives.

The angel-eyed little person had some not-so-angelic plans for those petals!

Every guest loved the red theme, this little one was eyeing up the red petals which were strewn across the room! Luckily Mum was on hand to prevent a petal and toddler tornado!

Wedding Photos Without Delay

After the big day, Frances and John received their wedding pictures within 48 hours, and were able to share their personal wedding gallery amongst all the guests.

Frances and John looked a picture of happiness

What a fabulously beautiful shoot! Perfocal are proud to have been involved in helping this couple create some beautiful memories to last forever.

Frances' bouquet complimented the wedding theme perfectly

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