Fun Halloween family photoshoot in London

Fun Halloween family photoshoot in London

What kid doesn't love Halloween? Costumes, candy and trick-or-treating in the local area after dark are a recipe for every child's favourite day of the year (maybe after Christmas).

The Halloween costumes are always a source of excitement - your child (or perhaps you) puts lots of time and effort into looking the perfect combination of cute and/or spooky. Those little monsters just love to terrorise the neighbourhood in their terrifying outfits!

All photos taken by Perfocal photographer

Halloween can be a fun day for young families too. It's a great family activity to get all dressed up and go out trick-or-treating as an ensemble, while they're still at that cute age (and don't think you're 'uncool' yet)!

This family embraced the Autumnal theme and their little monsters' Halloween costumes, and got together as a family one Sunday afternoon for a family photo session.

With the kids in their costumes, the young family met their photographer, Ligia, at home. Being in their family home let them feel comfortable and gave the Autumnal photos some informality and intimacy.

They started out indoors, as Ligia snapped some shots of the family's preparation for their shoot. Once they were ready, Mia the purple octopus and Danny the pumpkin certainly knew how to work the camera.

Mum brought out the Halloween candy buckets and it was time to head outside! The garden was the perfect setting for some beautiful shots of this family in its infancy.

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The October red and orange leaves brought these Autumnal family photos to life and complimented the tiny Halloween outfits.

Having a theme for their photoshoot session gave this family some outfits and props to focus on - throwing the crisp orange leaves or using the Halloween buckets to play with together. Mum, dad and the kids were highlighted by the bright morning sun, and each shot is more beautiful than the next!

These amazing photos are a family memory to cherish for a lifetime. Now nobody will ever forget that Autumn when the kids were so young and dressed up in their cutest attire. Don't miss out on immortalising your young family with pictures as adorable as these!

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All photos taken by Perfocal photographer

Struggling to imagine you and your family looking so natural in front of the camera? No fear! We've all been there, feeling awkward when the spotlight turns to you.

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