Indie Profile Pictures for Grenville

Indie Profile Pictures for Grenville

Perfocal provides great photographers for any kind of shoot. You might need someone for a kid's birthday party, or a graduation, or maybe to get some Instagram photos.

With prices starting from just £99, we can get you some of the UK's best portrait photographers for a steal. We simply book pros in between calendar gaps so you get the very best photographs to splash all over Instagram. You can book with just hours' notice, and meet your photographer anywhere.

The Importance of Professional Profile Photography

We live in interesting times: our first impression of others is often based on what they are like on social media. And people judge. Thus it is not surprising that the online profile and consequently, profile photos have gained so much prominence. Profile pictures and full-length photos clicked by a professional photographer aren’t just for high powered actresses and models anymore. Everybody wants to show off their good side, their best features. Given that people's attention spans are so short, you get only a few seconds to make an impression, before they swipe you, left or right!

That’s what Grenville was looking for. He knew that the selfie is old hat and the average mobile phone camera just isn’t going to cut it if he really wants to show himself off. So Grenville decided to outsource his photography needs to a professional. Enter Perfocal.

Photoshoot details:

Customer: Grenville    

Type of shoot: Personal Portrait Photos    Location: Camden

Package: 30 minutes (£69)

Grenville during the photo shoot.

These days, a professional photoshoot is no longer just for Linkedin headshots. You need some good pictures for dating apps and moreover, you never know if your employer or co-worker is judging you based on your profile photo on other social media platforms. So a photo shoot with some casual clothing options in natural light at an artsy location like Camden in London is, according to us, a great decision by Grenville.

Last Minute Booking, First Thing in The Morning

"Can we do something today? I've put Camden because I'm near there, something a little indie/informal. Thanks."
Description of photo shoot, left by Grenville

We guess that Grenville decided that he wanted some good profile pictures ASAP. Grenville ordered a photographer on our website on a Sunday morning and he wanted a short half-hour shoot later this afternoon. Just a few years back, getting a professional photographer on such short notice would have been unimaginable unless the photographer was your best friend.

Cool profile pics captured easy-breezy. 

A few minutes after booking, tada! With Perfocal photographers' amazing response rate, he had been paired up with our veteran people photographer Juliana. She had a small gap in her busy calendar for that afternoon and this shoot would fit-in perfectly. Armed with her professional Nikon camera and her versatile knowledge of professional headshots, dating profile photos, social portraits and much more, she and Grenville were off to roam the streets of Camden to take some stellar shots.

Close Up? Check. Full-Length? Check. Social Media? Check. Tinder? Good to Go.

It was a bright but typical London -esque cloudy day. This kind of weather is perfect for outdoor natural light portraits. Thirty minutes of professional shots, some outfit changes for Grenville and a delicious cup of cappuccino: sounds like an amazing use of a Sunday!

All of the photos were taken and ready to be sent off to our expert team of editors at Perfocal to separate the wheat from the chaff. All photos that didn’t make the grade because of blurriness or closed eyes were discarded which left us with 35+ superbly edited digital files in an online gallery. For £69 and half an hour’s worth of time, Grenville had more than enough photos for just about any purpose you’d need.

After taking a look at these pictures and given the respective experiences of, ahem, our online dating profiles, some of us in the office think we need to book a photo shoot for some fresh dating photos. You think we need make-up? Yea, I don't necessarily disagree.

Are you thinking about booking a portrait shoot with Perfocal? Great idea!

If you're going to have an enviable Instagram feed or Tinder photos, you can't rely on your best friend to capture your best angles at any moment. Sometimes life calls for a professional photographer to get you some selfies that will drop jaws. Luckily, Perfocal can find you such a pro at short notice and for a great price.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have great shots of you looking your best.

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