Property Photography: Luxurious Penthouse in Aldgate

Property Photography: Luxurious Penthouse in Aldgate

Being in the real estate business can be glamorous and rewarding, but it also comes with its challenges. This is something Jason, a property manager for Lux Livings, knows all too well. He knows he isn’t the only person in the business and that he needs to show off his properties better than the next guy if he’s expected to have anyone interested in what he has to sell.

Photoshoot details:

Customer: Jason 

Type of shoot: Property Location: Central London

Package: 1 hour (£99)

Professional photography makes properties stand out.

The first part of getting renters interested is by being able to show off your property with pictures that properly show off the scale and beauty of the space. Jason had a luxurious penthouse apartment in central London ready for purchase, but a lack of quality pictures would prove to work against him.

What was Jason to do?

He was in the high-end property business with little experience of photography on his own, plus a serious lack of equipment to get the job properly done. Still, pictures of the space were wholly necessary.

So he decided to enlist the help of our pro pool of photographers at Perfocal. Using the simple and responsive booking form, he put the word out that he needed an experienced interior photographer in Central London for an hour, with only 15 hours notice.

Five Minutes to Victory

All it took was five minutes for our system to match Jason with veteran property photographer Efe. Being a property photographer is different than typical photography for a few reasons. Firstly, while most photography involves focusing on a particular subject, taking pictures of living spaces means you need to capture the entirety of the space and not a particular subject within. In essence, the background is the subject. Using the wrong lenses or angles would mean that the pictures of the space wouldn’t be true to life, either looking too constrained or too empty.

Luckily, it wasn’t Efe’s first barbecue. Equipped with top of the line shift-tilt lenses, he was able to capture all of the intricacies of the space in a way that makes you feel like you’re right there in the penthouse for a viewing as opposed to carefully selected shots that are meant to hide imperfections. Using Efe's experience and equipment, Jason was now armed with magazine quality images that would make any renter stop to look at this condominium, if only to appreciate the layout and feel of the property.

A Valuable Endeavor

All it took was £99 and a few minutes worth of time for Jason to have some awesomely edited pictures that would provide exponentially more value to his listing than just about any other course of action. Thanks to Efe and his expertise, we might just pick up this apartment ourselves after checking out the images!

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