Perfocal with SheWins and Hired. #Nothingless.

Perfocal with SheWins and Hired. #Nothingless.

In December of 2019, Perfocal partnered up with SheWins and Hired, sponsoring their #nothingless negotiation workshop for women.

We were proud to be part of the event supporting women and minorities in the tech industry, providing them a platform to share and unite over their stories and demand nothing less than what they’re worth.

This December workshop allowed these women to do exactly that, and along with the founders of SheWins, provide vital salary and career-boosting negotiation skills.

The event, in Fitzrovia, started with a reception which included limitless cocktails, gourmet mac'n'cheese, and plenty of cakes.

The women at the event chatted and shared their stories, whilst tucking in to the veritable feast. Hired had even added an interactive display of mini-stories and quotes written by its events' attendees.

Also sponsoring the event was Triangirls, a community for women in the tech world, and G-Research, whose research aims to better understand and tackle inequalities.

After the reception, the attendees gathered to see a short film about real-life stories from women in the tech space, and enjoy talks by various speakers from Hired, G-Research and the fabulous ladies of SheWins.

The negotiation workshop from Kate and Clare of SheWins led to lively interaction and discussion between hosts and participants.

After the presentations, Perfocal invited the guests of this wonderful event to have their professional headshots taken by a pro photographer.

It was an honour to help empower these inspirational women in tech and provide them with their next outstanding photo for their Linkedin profile or CV.

The night was a great success, and Perfocal had a blast attending this event for amazing women in tech.

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