Enviable team photos for Paddle HQ!

Enviable team photos for Paddle HQ!

Super fresh team photos

In April of 2018, a young Paddle was looking to attract some new team members, so needed some cool pictures of their business and team.

Type of shoot: Team & office
Location: London
Package: 8 hour (£699)
Add-ons: Super-high resolution

They looked online for London photographers, and found an equally trendy young startup called Perfocal, who were able to provide them with a professional business photographer on just a week's notice! Professional photographer Juliana came to Paddle's rescue - armed with her pro equipment - and took some bright, beautiful team photographs to show off the budding new business.

Team photo day!

The team had their checklist prepared for the photographer:

  • natural headshots
  • pictures of the team working together
  • capture the beautiful and quirky office space
  • lunchtime photos
  • individual desk shots
  • pictures of people relaxing, too

The founder, Christian, had some natural headshots taken in front of his office, and a Steve Jobs-worthy shot by the Paddle mural. The London startup's photos came out fresh, colourful and tasteful. The real highlights of the space such as the plush velvet sofas, co-working booths and conference space were shown off for prospective team members!

One essential for a business photoshoot is shots of the team hard at work at their desks. Everyone at Paddle certainly knew how to work the camera!


The team gathered together for lunch - free Chinese food was piled high - nothing brings people together on team photo day better than some delicious food.Everyone seemed in good spirits as the candid shots were taken stealthily by photographer Juliana. After lunch came the team meeting. The Paddle employees utilised their amazing office space for the photoshoot by having a small presentation.

The business ordered a photographer for a full 8 hour day, and they purchased the 'super high resolution' add-on, which only cost them £428. With such stunning team photos delivered in 48 hours, it's a fantastic deal for an amazing professional photographer!

Are you thinking about booking a Perfocal photographer for your team photos and headshots? Great idea!

Any modern business needs to show off its best qualities with great photography. Whether it's your team of professionals or your stunning office space. Don't leave the important details down to your colleague's phone camera. You can hire a pro business photographer simply and affordably instead.

We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

We do all this so you can have your business looking its best.

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