We Need a Photographer for an Unusual Shoot

We Need a Photographer for an Unusual Shoot

Here at Perfocal, we always aim to match you with a great photographer to give you the best photos!

However, we recently had a request that we haven’t been able to fulfil. A family has been in touch with us asking for help taking a family photo with their recently deceased grandfather. While unusual today, it was a Victorian custom for families to take one last family photo together.

The family realised that they did not have a photograph with him and their two-month old baby, Sam, who is named after his grandad.  

Here's a screenshot of the shoot request:

Job details

Perfocal processes bookings and matches the best photographers automatically, so when this request remained unallocated for 15 minutes (much longer than usual) it was flagged for review by our team.

We got in touch with the family and confirmed that we could share their request to try and find them a photographer for this unusual shoot. They informed us that they are looking for someone who can fulfil their request with the utmost respect and discretion, given the circumstances. They also wish to remain anonymous as they are still grieving.

We would really like to help the family out, which is why we’ve taken to our blog to try and find the right fit for this shoot. Photographers will need to be comfortable with the concept of potentially assisting the funeral director with positioning the deceased to capture the best shot.

Anyone who feels as though they have the appropriate photography skills and the tact to deal with such a sensitive request can register their interest here.