Supercharging Online Sales with Professional Food Photography

Supercharging Online Sales with Professional Food Photography

While the doors to restaurants remain closed, our wish lists of restaurants to visit, cuisines to try and deserts to devour is ever-growing. The pandemic has put Deliveroo, Uber Eats and every other food delivery firm centre stage and research conducted by mobile order provider Wi5, revealed that >50% of UK adults intend to return to restaurants within weeks of them reopening.

Thankfully, we're seeing innovation in the industry and start-ups emerging to serve our cravings and fulfil our foodie desires whilst also supporting our struggling hospitality sector. Finish and Feast is the perfect case study for this - their mission is simple:

'To bring fine dining to everyone, anywhere in the UK'
Finish & Feast co founders - image by Perfocal

Co-Founders Alex and Ross (pictured above) have crafted premier fine dining meal kits from some of the best chefs and restaurants on offer and we at Perfocal have had the privilege of photographing their kits and chefs in action.

Their kits arrive around 90% pre-prepared so our photographers focus on capturing the final 'Finish' before the 'Feast'

Perfocal photoshoots: 5 & counting!
Shoot locations: UK-wide
Shoot durations: 4 hours (average)

The Meal Kits

So customers know what to expect from their purchase!

The Final 10%

So customers know exactly how to finish up the preparation of their delicious meal.

The Chefs

The talent behind the meal kits and flavour-filled feasts

The Plating's

Each course plated and ready to serve

The Finish

The finished product and the order in full

The Feast

A glimpse of what it feels like to tuck-in!

Selling food online, via a website or delivery app? Or offline, in a store or restaurant? Either way, quality food & drink photography attracts customers, boosts sales and drives growth. It's imperative to have a reliable and professional food photographer on-hand to help with your businesses imagery, to drive conversions and to boost your businesses success.

Partner with Perfocal and you have access to 1,000+ photographers who specialise in different photography services and can serve your needs across the UK. We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

Email with any enquiries or follow the button below to book your shoot now!

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