Photography That Makes Your Products Look (Seriously) Great...

Photography That Makes Your Products Look (Seriously) Great...

You've spent time designing, producing or crafting a product. Now it's time to build your brand and start selling. Chances are you're looking to sell somewhere online, whether it be via your website, instagram, eBay or amazon, you're going to want your products to look great online? (By the way, think of using a website builder in the beginning so that you can avoid issues of adding new sections or making changes in the future.)

Perfocal recently worked with Buckingham Schenk, one of the UK's best wine importers. They work with every part of the UK market, from the major supermarkets and national chains, to on-trade wholesalers, restaurant groups and independent retailers.

Buckingham Schenk came to Perfocal looking to achieve 2 objectives:

Objective 1 - To improve the quality of content that they post on their social media and website.
Objective 2 - To strengthen the identities, images and personalities of their brands.

Not to brag, but of course...Perfocal delivered. It also helps that Buckingham Schenk have a fantastic range of products and a clear creative vision! Check out some of their products.

Perfocal photoshoots: 1
Shoot location: Remote
Shoot durations: 8 hours

Number of images received: 160

We love to work with businesses because it allows us to support them in the best way we know how to, through great photography. We don't just look to serve great businesses, we want to partner with them too and keep on providing excellent imagery.

We'll do our best to ensure we understand what you need. Email with any enquiries!

Stand alone images by Perfocal of each product under the same brand to provide brand consistency.

We had the honour of doing photography for over a dozen of the products imported by Buckingham Schenk. Due to COVID we provided a remote photography service. We made sure that we understood exactly what Buckingham Shenkz were looking for from their shoot and picked the best photographer for them. Great communication lead to great results!

Selling beverages online, via a website or delivery app? Or offline, in a store or restaurant? Either way, quality food & drink photography attracts customers, boosts sales and drives growth. It's imperative to have a reliable and professional product photographer on-hand to help with your businesses imagery, to drive conversions and to boost your businesses success.

Partner with Perfocal and you have access to 1,000+ photographers who specialise in different photography services and can serve your needs across the UK. We guarantee quick and simple booking, an amazing professional photographer who will travel to you, and 48 hour photo delivery every time.

Email with any enquiries or follow the button below to book your shoot now!

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Muji Ahmedi

Muji Ahmedi

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