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As most of you will know, here at Perfocal our mission is to connect people in need of photographers with the most skilled professionals to fit their requirements. In short, we help people book photoshoots on-demand, for pretty much anything – even if the request is unlike anything we’ve seen before...

So earlier this week we received a booking request asking for us to personally help with ‘a bit of a unique request’:


🤨Hmm...Offering our email address, we then received a message from a UK family who are looking for a professional lifestyle photographer to literally travel the world with them and capture their family moments, whilst also getting paid £80,000! 😮😮

According to the request, the position will involve travelling outside of the UK for up to three months at a time (who doesn't want to?!), and hopeful candidates are warned that they must have at least five years’ experience in landscape, travel, and/or fashion photography, and be subject to a full background check.

Rather than spell out the whole request for you, we’ll let you take a look for yourself. You can view the entire request below:

(The family has asked to remain anonymous until they narrow applicants down to a shortlist due to the high profile nature of the father’s job. )

They have asked us to help them find someone to fill the position – which we don’t think will be too much of a problem, especially with a salary like that! We still love to connect customers with photographers after all, even in incredibly unique circumstances!

If you think you could fill this photographer job, please register your interest below:

If you're a freelance photographer simply looking to fill in your calendar gaps, feel free to learn more about Perfocal too as you might be able to get photography jobs with us! We're currently available in most major UK cities, with plans to expand internationally.

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